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Locations: Sector M45 Brutus

New Unified Government Sector Headquarters
Seat of the Sector Forum
New Unified Space Forces Base

A small Factory Satellite, originally used for producing Riigado [Regult] Battle Pods. It's currently used for producing consumer goods, VFs and shuttles, but not much more. It provides for Caesar's needs, as well as trade goods with the smaller colonies and settlements.

Brutus is the location of the City 15 Replica, a replica of the M15 Fleet's City 15. It has a large population living within it, facilitating trade, manufacturing and so on. It serves as the seat of the sector forum (like ASEAN, it doesn't have any *real* power, and is mostly a forum to discuss sector-wide problems, trade and making recommendations). The city is considered to be neutral territory under the jurisdiction of the New Unified Forces (NUNS).

Civilians call City 15 Replica home, as they make their careers and lives beneath the dome. Military personnel spend their off-duty hours playing in the city, exploring the avenues and seeking diversion.

In addition to serving as the seat of the sector forum, Brutus is also the headquarters of the sector New Unified Government.

Culture: like that in M7/25.

Education: like that in M7/25.

Economy: the Factory Satellite is used to provide for Caesars needs, as well as trade goods with the smaller colonies and settlements.

Government: democratic to a fault - decisions are slow as politicians are self-serving and corrupt. People are apathetic toward voting due to the corruption and sense of nothing ever getting done.

It is also the headquarters of the sector New Unified Government, and is the seat of the sector forum (like ASEAN, it doesn't have any *real* power, and is mostly a forum to discuss sector-wide problems, trade and making recommendations).

Ambassador: under investigation

The main political leader(s): Mayor under investigation

Military: small detachment of NUNS, mostly used for defending the Factory Satellite and occasionally dispatched to police the sector.

Top military leader: under investigation

Ship most likely to be deployed in an emergency: CG-420 H. Ito (a NUNS Cruiser), captained by Commodore Daniels, Jack

Allegiance: New Unified Government; though strong economic and political ties with Caesar.

How Perceived Others: looks down on the other colonies (including Caesar) as rural rednecks and considers themselves to be the best in the sector.
How Perceived By Others: seen as lazy, corrupt and snobbish - and too scared to let go of the familiar and face the natural elements in the sector.


Population: approx. 325,000 microns (431,681 in 2069)

Interior Design
The City 15 Replica's interior design is a combination of old world and new world in many ways. The vast majority of buildings are of a modern 21st century design, with holographic advertisements dotting walls and pavements through out the districts devoted to shopping and business. However, in the more exclusive area's of the city, older design styles, dating back several hundred years, are evident. The best example of this are the museums of the City 15 Replica, which follow the example of the large, old style buildings of London, and other European cities.

There are various types of mass transit in the city, from buses to subway-like cars riding in unpressurized tubes. Moving about the city is quite easy and cheap via mass transit. A lot of residents also have personal vehicles. Almost all vehicles are able to travel in space, though riders of motorcycles need a spacesuit. Many vehicles are also able to hover and briefly fly inside the City 15 section.

Map of City 15:

City 15 Replica has the same street and dome organization as City 15, however there isn't a Battle class ship attached to the front. The entire thing is built into the top of the Brutus Factory Satellite.

Area's/Districts of City-15 and notable locations within them:

Main Dome
Divided into the following districts:

  • Bayside: top class shopping malls, next to a bay on the lake in the city.
  • Business: central business district and shops.
  • Central: middle class residential area, shopping malls & services.
  • City Defence: City 15 Replica Defence Force Base
  • Downtown: Shops & lower middle class residential area
  • Farringdon: upper middle class residential area
  • Geffrin: working class residential area
  • Kenrowe: middle Class residential area
  • Romama: middle Class residential area
  • Sub-Domes
    Sub-domes attached surrounding the outside of the City 15 Replica. These do not have an armoured shield that can be closed over them.
  • Azair: lower middle class residential
  • Farling: lower middle class residential
  • Newton: upper middle class residential

    Outlying Districts
    The exterior of the upper surface of the Factory Satellite also has some sub-domes, too. They were the original city sections before the colonists decided to build a replica of City 15 on the surface. They are generally the same as the outer domes of the City 15 Replica and are in poorer states. Some have even been purchased outright by private corporations, industries or even individuals! In general, more nefariuous activities tend to occur in these outlying districts.

  • Kawachi Sub-dome: rundown industrial/slum. Some distance from the City 15 Replica proper.
  • Main Dome
  • Abu Zaad - Lebanese restaurant
  • Bay Lead Restaurant - 5 Star restaurant
  • City-15 Bayside Stadium - A multipurpose stadium which is normally used for sporting and athletic events, however it was designed with adaptability in mind. The Bayside Stadium also commonly functions as a site for festivals, concerts and other large staged events.
  • Bill Gadsby's Doughnuts - A popular coffee-and-doughnut shop. Members of the 47 SIU have been known to stop in for coffee and a doughnut from time to time. Though black coffee and crullers remain its stock and trade, "Billy's" offers plenty of espresso, cappuccino, lattes and pastries for "sophisticated" customers.
  • La Marina - Waterfront bar and restaurant
  • SIU Headquarters
  • The Icebox - Nightclub
  • Waterside Cafe - Cafe/Restaurant
  • Windgate Shopping Centre - A debate rages if Windgate truly is the largest indoor shopping centre in the fleet (Film Academy Mall claims to be larger.) Size aside, "Windgate Mall" offers a blend of exclusive shops, department stores and a variety of kiosks in its ample concourses. If an item may be purchased through legal channels, it will be for sale at the Windgate. At the heart of the Centre, is an internationally-scaled ice hockey rink that hosts plenty of pick-up games, youth competitions and free skates. Port of the rink is the mall's food court, with booths able to suit the tastes of shoppers from any culture. Anchoring the mall are four department stores, fore, aft, starboard and port. At the fore is the hallmark of high end department stores, Al-Fayed. At the opposite end, and nearly as exclusive, is Grace Brothers. Port features Klein's, specializing in home needs, sporting goods, tools and automotive work. The starboard anchor is the Harlot Megastore, specializing in music, media players, electronics and books.
  • Business
  • Ambulance Station
  • Emeralds & Pearls - Cocktail Bar
  • Fire Station
  • Imperial Hotel - a Five-Star hotel
  • Police Station
  • Winchester Steak House - perched at the top of the Imperial Hotel is its own five-star restaurant, the Winchester Steakhouse. The name Winchester fits, as the eatery slowly rotates above the top of the Macross 15 dome, providing an unparalleled view, save for the one from the City Hall. Though many think the name is a pun for the revolving restaurant, the owner, Harold Winchester, claims to be from Texas, though his passport gives a different name and land of birth (Argentina!) Though the fleet travels with a Sunny-flower to produce foods and clones animal tissues for meats, premium beef (including Kobe) remains something of a luxury, and the Winchester provides the best, within a luxurious atmosphere. The steakhouse operates its own organic and hydroponic farms for vegetables aboard the Sunny-flower, a cattle ranch, and purchases fish live from the Riviera 15 to store in tanks within the kitchen, ensuring the freshest seafood aboard the Macross 15. At the second floor, the Winchester offers diners an intimate venue to enjoy a quiet and romantic dessert within its dessert suites, offering the finest pastries anywhere, with coffees and liquors available at the press of a button. The Winchester is the final word in luxury in the fleet.
  • Central
  • Bar Meze - Greek restaurant
  • City 15 General Hospital - civilian hospital
  • City Hall
  • Cucina Bella - Italian restaurant. Though boasting top-flight Italian food, the Cucina Bella is another reputed den of organized crime figures. Despite, or perhaps because of this reputation, trouble is rare, and the food is superb.
  • Central Elementary School
  • Galactic All Faiths Centre
  • Central High School
  • Harpers - Wine bar & restaurant
  • Central Junior High School
  • Museum of Art - Open to the public from 9am through until 8pm everyday.
  • Museum of Culture - Open to the public from 9am through until 8pm everyday.
  • Museum of Earth History - Open to the public from 9am through until 8pm everyday.
  • Museum of Science - Open to the public from 9am through until 8pm everyday.
  • Museum of Zentraadi & Protoculture History - Open to the public from 9am through until 8pm everyday.
  • Neo-Pagan Centre
  • Osmani - Moroccan Restaurant
  • Palladium - Pop/Dance music nightclub
  • Protestant Christian Church
  • Robin Hood Pub - English style Bar/Pub
  • Sikh Temple
  • Broadway: an unofficial name commnonly used by locals to refer to a 2 block radius containing three threatres.
    • The Empire Theatre
    • The Green Lane Theatre
    • The Kings Theatre
  • Tora - Sushi bar
  • City 15 University - not as large as any planet bound Universities due to a limitation of space within the city block. It offers every imaginable subject a student could wish to learn and offers the best education as several of its Professors are ex-Oxford, Cambridge and Harvard University lecturers.
  • City Defence
  • Base
  • Civilian Spaceport - with all the standard airport features (immigration, medical, quarantine, customs, customs brokers, duty-free shops, branch offices of all the major space-airlines, and even a hotel.)
  • Military Hospital - although open to the public in the event of an emergency, the military hospital normally caters solely to military personnel. The Battle 15 Carrier itself has an excellent sick bay, however there are commonly illnesses and injuries that it does not have the resources to fix, so personnel are transferred to the Military hospital.
  • PX - Unified Forces Bar & Shop
  • Downtown
  • Ambulance Station
  • Cafe Nikolai - Russian restaurant
  • Determination - Rock Metal Nightclub
  • Fighter Town - VF pilot bar with VF simulators
  • Fire Station
  • Hogshead - Euro style bar
  • Police Station
  • Prague Junction - Eastern European style bar
  • Secrets - Bar & nightclub; pop/dance
  • Trotters Independent Trimmers - barber shop
  • Virtual Combat World - VR combat arcade games
  • Farringdon
  • Farringdon Elementary School
  • Farringdon High School
  • Farringdon Junior High School
  • Lord Bridgefords College - private school; highly expensive and offer excellent education for students. Lord Bridgefords is a far more exclusive school, and is very picky about who it admits.
  • Royal Grammar School - private school; highly expensive, and offer excellent education for students.
  • Geffrin
  • Geffrin Ambulance Station
  • Blakes Bar - Bar; rough clientele
  • Geffrin Elementary School
  • Geffrin Fire Station
  • Geffrin High School
  • Geffrin Junior High School
  • Lampton's Pub - proprietor Eric Lampton elected to bring a bit of England to the stars when he opened his pub in Geffrin. Equipped with two billiard tables, a table football set, darts and a jukebox, the thatched-roof "country pub" welcomes all-well almost all. Lampton, a rabid supporter of the Arsenal FC, welcomes Gunner fans from far and wide, but supporters of other clubs may find the service to be a bit slow. Offering all sorts of pub fare, diners may chase their lunches down with a variety of British and European beers and ales, or try some of the hosts own, excellent English style ales. His oatmeal stout and porters are legendary.
  • Geffrin Police Station
  • Recruiting Office
  • Kenrowe
  • Buddhist Temple
  • Kenrowe Elementary School
  • Kenrowe High School
  • Hindu Temple
  • Islamic Mosque
  • Kenrowe Junior High School
  • Romama
  • Romama Elementary School
  • Hapenning - V.I.P. nightclub and restaurant
  • Romama High School
  • Jewish Synagogue
  • Romama Junior High School
  • Magdeburg - a popular Eastern European style bar and night club. Music tends towards the industrial end of the metallic and techno scales, with fights being fairly common. A known distribution point of synthetic drugs, Unified Forces Shore Patrolmen have lobbied unsuccessfully to have the club declared off limits.
  • Roman Catholic Church
  • Sushi Zen - sushi and Japanese gourmet cuisine
  • The Kasbah - Middle Eastern style bar & club
  • Sub-Domes
  • English's Pawn Shop - owner, Will English operates the quiet pawn shop offering a collection of antiques, jewellery, rare finds, assorted junk and unique items. Though occasionally he sees merchandise confiscated as stolen goods, police believe that he keeps his most exotic items well away from the showcases and the eyes of cops. It's said that Will English will fence anything that a man cares to steal, and will sell information to those he trusts, or who buy his services. Other than crime, English's is a fine place to pick up musical instruments, tools and jewellery.
  • Flea Market - Moroccan style
  • Farling
  • Diratsou's Restaurant and Hookah Bar - a popular, and low cost eatery in Farling. Diratsou's is a comfortable and quiet café, specializing in Armenian foods, such as stuffed meatballs, roasted meats and fantastic pilaffs. While waiting for a tasty meal, diners often enjoy the cool smoke of shisha, from a hookah.
  • Diratsou's con't: Shisha is sold in 31 different flavours, and pipes may be hired and filled for ¥500. Waiters will replace charcoal free of charge, and the bowl usually lasts an hour. Shisha refills cost ¥250. Diratsou's is popular with members of the service of Eastern European and Middle Eastern ancestry, and young people who enjoy hookah smoking.
  • Cafe Bomber - quietly nestled on one of the Subdome's busiest roads, is this quiet little cafe. Named for the infamous band Fire Bomber, every night is Karaoke Night starting at 7 PM; and open-mic for everything else is from 3 AM to 6:30 PM. Open 24/7, this place serves just about every alcoholic and non-alcoholic drink imaginable, including the best smoothies and milkshakes in the fleet, at reasonable prices.
  • Cafe Bomber con't Alaras Sparke, a local singer and Spiritia consultant for the new Sparrow Hawk squadron, is a regular at this place and the usual winner of the weekly singing competition the owner hosts. The food is varied, with both comfort-food options and some of the latest health-food crazes on the menu at all times.
  • Outlying Districts
    Kawachi Sub-dome
    Surface Level - Higashi-Neyagawa Section
  • Bar Non3 - looks like a slightly gungier version of Tech-noir (from Terminator), but without the loud rock music. The interior of the bar is... scuzzy. It's well past it's glory years, and is the kind of place that you go to if you don't want to be noticed. Or, because it's the only one open early in the morning.
  • B1 Level - Higashi-Neyagawa Section: reknown for shady jewellery dealers

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