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Locations: Sector M45 Carthage

Sector Tertiary Colony

The planet is mostly internally stable to maintain the balance of power among the elites. Most squabbles are political ones as various elite "haves" try to rise to the top. The colony tends to keep to itself as external contact tends to disrupt its internal balance of power.

Primarily "haves" with some "have-nots". The maltreated have-nots do the majority of the hard work for the haves. Have-nots have increased their percentage of the population relative to the haves (higher/lower birth rates) and there are hints of rebellion on the horizon.

Note: only the elites are freely allowed to go off-world. Anyone else has escaped and cannot go back!

Culture: under investigation

Education: under investigation

Economy: major exporter of food stuffs (seafoods such as fish, seaweed and salt) to the other colonies in the sector.

Government: aristocracy.

Ambassador: Elohime Shuharto - a loud brash man who is not against taking a back handed deal to line his own pockets or the walls of his stately home on a mountian over looking Tunis. Elohime is in his early forties, and is of an average build with an unremarkable but verging on unmemorial look about him.

The main political leader(s): Prime Minister Abdulla Sayid - a frugal, nervous and cautious man. Unknown to most, he is an alcoholic and is rumoured to have several mistress's in addition to his two wives. Abdulla is in his late forties, with a skinny build, a head full of grey hair and moustache.

Prime Minister's Aide Tarik al Hussain - a quiet and scheming man. He is secretly pulling the strings of the Prime Minister and steering him in a direction that will alienate Carthage from the local sector even more by pushing for extreme immigration and isolationist policies. Tarik is in his late twenties, has a small build and has fair to medium brown hair.

Military: the mainstay of the Carthaginian Militia is the infantry, armed with a large assortment of man-portable heavy weaponry; including anti-vehicle, anti-mobile weapon and anti-emplacement type missiles and high powered laser and kinetic-based weapons.

Additionally, it's militia consists of a large amount of VF-11 and VF-17. As these can be seen as outdated by most of the civilised galaxy, the Carthagean Government were able to acquire them wholesale at a vastly reduced price. Unfortunately the reputation of most Carthagean pilots is looked down upon, as the main duty that they perform is ceremonial, with a large amount of their training time based on this, rather than actual combat training.

Carthage is also one of few planets away from Earth that has an actual sea-based navy; consisting of a half a dozen cruisers and two carriers. It employs a large amount of smaller patrol sized vessels doing the bulk of the day-to-day duties. Unlike the ground and VF forces, the Carthage Sea Navy is a force to be reckoned with. they have an un-Carthagean like staunch attitude to protect their seas from the rising pirates that prey on the fisherman and leisure seekers.

Orbiting Carthage is a single Uraga Class carrier and some old Meltran Scout ships. Their duty is to act as an early warning and defensive network to give the ground based forces time to mobilise and defend the planet and its cities.

Notes: a large part of training is for ceremonies and other venues to show off the "power" of the "haves". Due to this, combat forces are somewhat less effective due to extensive training in showy manoeuvres.

Top military leader: Abaan Bhakar - an ageing career military man who has been everywhere and seen everything, he is now wishing just for a quiet live until he reaches his death bed. Abaan's wife passed away 14 years ago during the exodus from Ceaser to Carthage; she died mere seconds after the ships coming into view of the planet she and Abaan would have called home and remarked how beautiful it was and how she wants to visit the Waters of Kadesh.

Ship most likely to be deployed in an emergency: CS Hannibal (Uraga class carrier), captained by Commodore Abaan Bhakar, who is close to retirement and biding his time.

Allegiance: neutral. New Unified Government and Sovereign Independent States are treated equally by the colony. In some senses, Carthaginians are playing the two off of each other to get better deals, and they don't intend to change this situation until it stops benefiting Carthage.

How Perceived Others: the haves see outsiders as beneath them, while most of the Have-not's have yet to meet outsiders.
How Perceived By Others: elites seen as stuck up. Have nots as pathetic losers who let themselves be exploited.


  • red giant
  • 2.8 solar masses
  • Gas Giant
  • Absorbed into the corona-sphere of the sun, but it is now impossible to tell.
  • Orbit is opposite of the other orbital bodies in the system.
  • Carthage
    Oceans are phenomenally deep. Experiences low plate tectonic movement and volcanic activity. Hyper thick crust. No frozen poles. Native flora is oceanic, except a wide variety of lichen.

  • Atmosphere: 100% density; high nitrogen taint (smelly)
  • Gravity: 1.4 g (dense rocky core)
  • Navigation: buoys, military ships, satellites
  • Orbit: non-elliptical
  • Population: 2.5+ million
  • Resources: limited plate/volcanic activity has made for a slightly mineral poor surface.
  • Size: 200% earth
  • Temperature: +2° to +18°. Generally the whole planet is cold, with an average temperature of 2°, except in a small equatorial belt, where the temperature maintains a steady 18°.
  • Volcanoes: 1% surface
  • Water: 82% surface (salty)

    Natural Satellites

    Rocks of Carthage
  • Inner orbit
  • Pair of small, Trojan-like clusters of asteroids, kept in relatively stable groups at roughly the same orbit on opposite sides of Carthage by the outer orbiting bodies.

    The Sentinels
  • Outer orbit
  • 2 large captured asteroids and a cluster of rocks from a geologically recent fracturing of a 3rd asteroid in a relatively stable orbit.
  • Cities:

  • Main City
  • Population: 2 million

  • Second largest City
  • Population: less than 50,000

  • third largest City
  • Population: less than 30,000

    Rural Settlements:
    The majority of the have-nots live in these settlements, all of which cater to some kind of manufacturing industry or farming.
  • Small Cities: approx. 70,000 residents
  • Towns: approx. 100,000 residents
  • Villages: approx. 250,000 residents
  • Outer Asteroid Belt
  • Majority of asteroids are in clusters, indicating that a number of planetoids were destroyed by tidal forces in the recent geological history when the gas giant transitioned from an outer orbit to an inner one.
  • Description pending

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