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Locations: Sector M45 Elephant Graveyard Planetoid

Remote free-floating planetoid
This migrating planetoid was shuffled out of its orbit in a planetary system for unknown reasons. What is known is that the core is intact, cooling but still active. Some property of the cooling process has led to heavy luminescent off-gassing, leaving a glowing trail in space. The gas expulsions emit light, which bath the planet in a dim glow somewhat brighter than twilight.

Several large pieces of the planetoid's crust are missing, some to a depth of 4 km; making navigation dangerous by any method other than flight.

The surface has a lee-side atmosphere of nitrogen and assorted volcanic gases, toxic to humans without a full body suit. The nitrogen is a product of deep patches of ice that have formed on the "front" of the roaming planetoid. Where the water is coming from that is forming (or came from) is still a mystery.

Preliminary geotectonic studies have revealed that significant artifacts have been left on the planet, and at least 30% of the planetoid had some sort of liquid body; of which none is retained.

The planetoid has extensive deposits of Fold Carbon throughout the crust. Geological processes have turned the planetoid's Fold Carbon deposits into Fold Quartz. Up until now, the majority of Fold Quartz has been retrieved from Vajra corpses. With the end of the Vajra war, a new source of Fold Quartz has to be found, making any Fold Quartz mines highly valuable throughout known space.

After Fold Quartz was discovered on the planetoid in September 2061, both Aertheold and Bo-yae lay claim to it and established mining camps on it. A conflict between the two sides erupted, eventually growing into an all-out battle for control over the planetoid. During the battle, Reaction Weapons and Dimension Eater Weapons interact with the Fold Quartz in the crust, causing it to explode.

In 2066, the colonies in Sector M45-3 speculate that there is another planetoid laced with Fold Quartz in the Fold Anomaly that was acting in resonance with the Elephant Graveyard Planetoid, causing the high levels of ambient Fold Faults in Sector M45-3.

Culture: none

Education: none

Economy: currently none. Numerous parties interested in establishing fold quartz mines.

Government: numerous parties in the sector are currently vying for control of the planetoid.

Ambassador: none

The main political leader(s): none

Military: none

Top military leader: none

Ship most likely to be deployed in an emergency: none

Allegiance: none

How Perceived Others: none
How Perceived By Others: none


Elephant Graveyard Planetoid

  • Atmosphere: lee-side atmosphere of nitrogen and assorted volcanic gases, toxic to humans
  • Gravity: 1.15 g
  • Navigation: none
  • Orbit: free floating
  • Population: none
  • Resources: large seams of fold quartz discovered near the surface
  • Size: 0.53 Earth
  • Temperature: -270°C (windward) to -179.5°C (leeward)
  • Volcanoes: 10%, located at the depths of the missing pieces of crust
  • Water: 5% of surface - deep patches of ice on the windward side.
  • Natural Satellites
  • unknown

  • None!

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  • under investigation

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