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Locations: Sector M45 Lydia

The First Water World
Covered in mangrove so dense it makes continents out of their structure

Lydia - the whole planet is named after the woman who founded the colony here. The shallow oceans (ranging in depth from a mere 3.0 m to 12.87 km in depth) support a huge bio-sphere of amphibian-fish fauna. The mangrove trees at first appear to be of a single variety, but actually consist of over 200 sub-species of 8 different main species. The range of each species is mostly climatic, but the depth of the ocean also plays a major factor in their distribution.

The mega-fauna "sawfish" actually make nests inside the trees and spend their dormant time out of the water suspended from the lower sides of the mangrove roots. This predatory amphibian is 4 to 5.5 meters in length, sports a massive jaw with small poor eyes, and fantastic senses of smell and vibration. Four huge (50 cm to 100 cm long) fins are tipped with semi-prehensile claws that grip prey with needle sharpness, while the mega-fauna's scorpion-like tail skewers is prey to death.

The "continents" of Lydia form a large archipelago: 12 major islands of trees stretching from the far North to well past the equator, almost half-way to the South pole; where a small barren outcrop of rock represents the only real "land" mass surfacing above water. The islands are crescent shaped around the largest, where the city of Lydia-Lydia is located. The rest of the planet is deep ocean (approximately 97% of the planet, depth ranging from 12.87 km to 54.5 km, running in deep trenches).

Due to the cool interior of the planet, most deep ocean bottoms are layers of frozen gases and high pressure liquids. Volcanic activity is low to non-existent. The magnetic field around the planet is weak and the atmosphere, although thick and dense, is very shallow.

Culture: under investigation

Education: under investigation

Economy: frozen fish & water exporter

Government: no formal system wide government. The Lydia's mayor's office acts as the inter-system representation.

Ambassador: under investigation

The main political leader(s): Lydia Mayor under investigation

Military: no standing military force.

Top military leader: under investigation

Ship most likely to be deployed in an emergency: under investigation

Allegiance: under investigation

How Perceived Others: under investigation
How Perceived By Others: under investigation


  • star: details under investigation
  • solar masses: under investigation
  • Lydia
    Ocean planet with land masses made up of giant mangroves. Known for its booming fish export and water exports (some 100,000 tons per year).

  • Atmosphere: thick and dense but very shallow.
  • Gravity: pending
  • Navigation: pending
  • Orbit: non-elliptical
  • Population: 30,000+
  • Resources: fish & water
  • Size: pending
  • Temperature: pending
  • Volcanoes: low to non-existent
  • Water: 100% surface

    Natural Satellites:
  • None
  • Cities:

    Built into the superstructure of the giant mangrove trees. The whole city is built into the climax section of a forest that has no new growth. Concerns are growing in the city of Lydia-Lydia about the structure of the trees being able to support more and more as the population grows. Current engineers report that the structure is stable.
  • Main City
  • Population: 30,000
  • Lydia-2
    Icy planet
  • Details under investigation
  • sub-colony of Lydia
  • Natural Satellites:
  • under investigation
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