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Locations: Sector M45 Midway

Midway was originally found by accident, being a relatively small and isolated system with a dense asteroid and dust field surrounding it. It was only when a VF squadron from the M15 fleet suffered engine troubles on a deep space scouting run and drifted through the cloud that the system was found. After being rescued, the pilots were asked what they wanted to call their new discovery, so they collectively named it after an atoll on Earth, given the systems atoll-like appearance and being midway between the two main stellar phenomenon in the sector.

Shortly after its discovery, a badly damaged Nupetiet Vergnitz-bis was dispatched to act as a founding mark to form a colony on the planet. The Nupetiet Vergnitz-bis had a couple of smaller destroyer-sized ships act as escort. However, on their travel through the cloud, they were too badly damaged to do much more than settle on the planet as well. They formed Henderson, the city formed from the original colonizing ships

A few years later, a venture capital company set a proposition to the Unified Government Sector Council that if they could ensure a safe passage through the cloud for larger ships, that they be allowed to form a trade route using Midway as a layover, with the help of the Unified Government. Their request was granted and within 3 months, the company had set up an array of PPB stations to form a tunnel large enough to fit a City Ship through.

During this time, the company also formed an academy to train pilots to fly VFs; using the natural features of the system as a varied training ground. The academy gained a reputation as offering one of the best pilot courses this side of New Patagonia. Some even said that the course excelled that of Eden and Earth based Institutions.

Culture: under investigation

Education: under investigation

Economy: system is sparsly populated, with am abundant fishing trade. The three planets in the system are, from time to time, used as military training areas; to prepare pilots and soldiers for varying conditions.

Government: no formal system wide government. The Henderson's mayor's office acts as the inter-system representation.

Ambassador: under investigation

The main political leader(s): Henderson Mayor pending

Military: no standing military force. Instead system defence is provided by the pilots from the academy, gaining actual combat experience while training; which is somewhat unheard of in other VF piloting courses in the Unified Government.

Top military leader: under investigation

Ship most likely to be deployed in an emergency: under investigation

Allegiance: under investigation

How Perceived Others: under investigation
How Perceived By Others: under investigation


  • pale yellow star
  • 2.3 solar masses
  • Rangiora
    Barren thin-atmosphere rock
  • Atmosphere: 15% density
  • Gravity: pending
  • Navigation: buoys
  • Orbit: non-elliptical
  • Population: pending
  • Resources: pending
  • Size: 300% earth
  • Temperature: variable
  • Volcanoes: N/A
  • Water: 0% surface
  • Natural Satellites:
  • None
  • Midway
    Ocean planet with no land mass. Midway supports a large and ample marine ecosystem, and as such has gained a reputation as a fishermans paradise.
  • Atmosphere: 75% density
  • Gravity: pending
  • Navigation: Military ships
  • Orbit: non-elliptical
  • Population: pending
  • Resources: pending
  • Size: 300% earth
  • Temperature: variable
  • Volcanoes: N/A
  • Water: 100% surface

    Natural Satellites:
  • 1 small rocky body
  • Settlements:
  • Henderson
    A small collection of decommissioned floating Neo Nupetiet Vergnitz-bis
  • Main City
  • Population: 15,000+/-

  • Second Major City
  • Population: 6,650+/-
  • Bikini
    Ice planet with no atmosphere
  • Atmosphere: 0% density
  • Gravity: pending
  • Navigation: space stations
  • Orbit: non-elliptical
  • Population: pending
  • Resources: pending
  • Size: 43% earth
  • Temperature: variable
  • Volcanoes: N/A
  • Water: ice surface
  • Natural Satellites:
  • None
  • Asteroid Field
    A dense asteroid field that surrounds the system.
  • "tunnel" that can fit a City Ship through formed from an array of PPB stations.
  • Dust Cloud
    A heavy, dense cloud that surrounds the system. -

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