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Locations: Sector M45 Nora [Williams Star]

A remote planet covered by plains broken by lines of low hills. The plains are grasslands in the temperate zones, and jungles in the tropics.

After being taken over by Aertheold, the planet saw an initial development boom, with many settlers arriving. However, as the attempts by the Aertheold authorities to transform the colony into a mirror of their own failed (the tough colonists who initially settled the planet are very obstinate in their ways - and that attitude tended to rub off on the rural settlers) and as the other planets in the sector proved to be more allurying, the investment and new colonists has slowed down to a trickle.

Despite that, the colony has built a reputation as a breadbasket for the sector, and has established a healthy export economy.

Culture: classically rural (like that of the Canadian West or the American Northwest).

Education: moderate (cities, recent immigrants) to low (rural areas, children of residents)

Economy: foodstuff export trade. Although the farming of the plants used in Fannie-Tough™ fabrics has decreased as a percentage of the overall economy, it is still a major component of the colony's export business.

Government: no formal system wide government.

Ambassador: relies on Aertheold for foreign affairs

The main political leader(s): unidentified Aertheold assigned representative.

Military: small colony defence force with older Variable Craft (VF-1, VF-4, VF-5000), ground forces (Destroid Cheyenne), and anti-ship missiles for long range defence. Relies on Aertheold (primary) and the NUNS (secondary) for its main defence.

Top military leader: under investigation

Ship most likely to be deployed in an emergency: armed transport freighters on hand, and whatever Aertheold or the NUNS dispatches to their aid.

Allegiance: Aertheold

How They Perceive Others: elitist (attitude mainly formed from actions and interactions with Aertheold), and don't know how to do anything without their fancy-pancy tech junk. They are always pleasantly surprised when they meet someone with bushcraft skills, and consider them kindred spirits
How Perceived By Others: country bumpkins


Williams Star
  • small yellow star
  • solar masses: pending
  • Loran
  • small rocky planet
    - description pending
  • Smugglers' Base in middle of salt flats wasteland (cross between the desert around New Edwards Base (Macross Plus) and the White Sands of New Mexico (Stargate Universe).
  • Aero-Trans Shuttle Mk II wreckage (near the Smugglers' Base)
  • Nora
  • Atmosphere: Earth-like atmosphere
  • Gravity: 0.87 g
  • Navigation: buoys
  • Orbit: non-elliptical
  • Population: less than 500 (2,869 in 2069)
  • Resources: unexplored (nothing of value near surface)
  • Size: 0.65 Earth
  • Temperature: average 25°C (grassland highlands) to 35°C (jungle lowlands)
  • Volcanoes: 100%
  • Water: 25% of surface - mostly in lakes and rivers in the equatorial jungle lowlands.

    Natural Satellites:
  • small moon
  • Settlements:

  • Largest settlement
  • large provincial city, initially (and mainly dependent on) Nora's primary spaceport (small passenger port, vast shipping facilities)
  • Population: 1,082
      - apple farms in surrounding lowhills
    • Willow Springs Farm
      - logging in surrounding hilly land
    • VT-1CS "Silviculture" Valkyrie using logging camp

  • Second largest settlement
  • Rural township established around a second "spaceport" (a radio and a field for cargo ships to land in).
  • Population: 278
  • Thompson Rivers Asteroid Belt
  • well dispersed belt composed of the remains of a couple of protoplanets ripped apart by Secwepemc.
  • Belt is well dispersed and weathered, indicating that it's as old as the star system.
    Ice giant like Neptune
    Secwepemc Trojans
  • two clumps of Trojan asteroids in the same orbit as Secwepemc.
  • description pending
    Plutoid - icy dwarf planet description pending
    Plutoid - icy dwarf planet description pending

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  • under investigation

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