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Locations: Sector M45 Pyon-Pyon [Perteras]

Volcano World
Pyon-Pyon is the 2nd moon from Munak and a volcanic nightmare of a planet. The real eye-catcher here is 10 to 20 km volcanic spouts that spring up like a forest along its tectonic plate edges. The low gravity and high volcanic activity has bred these volcano trees in a unique environment.

There are no settlements on the planet, and no established permanent orbitals. The planet itself is two fragile to land on the surface. Even if one could tolerate the 350+ °C surface temperatures, the surface itself could not support most habitations mass, even at the reduced gravity The surface crust is a meer half kilometer thick at its thinist and only 5 kilometers at their thickest.

The planet is known as a tourist destination for its amazing natural creations, constantly being formed (something like a Mount Pele) into twisting deformed towers that reach their zenith and then crumble away. Their crumbling adds dust to the already muggy atmosphere as well as a new section of font to be built back up. Occasionally (every 10 to 12 months) one of the towers, or a series of the tower collapse dramatically, ripping slowly through the thin crust, exposing the blazing interior of the planet as the plates suddenly shift.

Culture: none

Education: none

Economy: C-60 exporter exporter

Government: no formal system wide government.

Ambassador: none

The main political leader(s): none

Military: none

Top military leader: none

Ship most likely to be deployed in an emergency: none

Allegiance: none

How Perceived Others: none
How Perceived By Others: none


  • red-dwarf star
  • solar masses: under investigation
  • Keke
  • purple Gas giant
  • Navigation: buoys
  • Orbit: non-elliptical.
  • Size: small
  • Natural Satellites:
  • 8 moons
  • 4 orbiting rocks
  • 1 Trojan frozen gas-ball
  • Munak
  • red Gas giant
  • Navigation: buoys
  • Orbit: non-elliptical.
  • Size: medium
  • Natural Satellites:
  • Pyon-Pyon (description below)
  • 10 other moons
  • Pyon-pyon
    Volcanic planet with thin crust. Known for its C-60 export.

  • Atmosphere: close stmosphere of heavy volcanic gasses
  • Gravity: 0.3 g due to a partially hollow core.
  • Navigation: buoys
  • Orbit: non-elliptical; close to host gas giant
  • Population: none (permanent)
  • Resources: a healthy absence of any heavy elements. But lots of C-60.
  • Size: 0.35 Earth
  • Temperature: 350+ °C
  • Volcanoes: 100%
  • Water: sulphic pools lightly in some deeper gully and avenues

    Natural Satellites:
  • None
  • Settlements:
    Pyon-Pyon is the previous setting of the illicit underground racing ring TRAXS.

    Numens Inc.
    A private mining platform (actually platforms), makes a hefty profit off this dangerous planet by pulling near perfectly pure C-60 off of the surface of the planets crust.
    Numens Inc. employs nearly 2,000 people on up to 7 different platforms at a go; usually in 6 to 8 week stints on the surface (actually only near the surface, the platforms hover). The Typical pull for employees during their service is ¥340,000 per week, with a danger pay bonus of ¥100,000 per week past the first 8 days (most people don't make it past the first week).

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