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Locations: Sector M45-04

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  • Description
    Part of Sectors M45.

    Under investigation.

    Recent Events

    Under investigation.


    Under investigation.

    Unified Government affiliated/unaffiliated

    Amaterasu Omikami

  • Yellow main sequence star.
  • Near Estuary, Cloversheen (Sector M45-3)
  • Allegiance: under investigation
  • Inari
    Has the characteristics of Mercury, but Mars sized.

  • Sarutahiko Okami
    1.5 times larger than Earth.
    Gravity 1.35 G.
    Similar to Earth.
    • Tsukuyomi
      Similar to the Moon. Approximately 1.15 times larger.
  • Hachiman
    Earth-sized desert planet.
  • Omoikane
    Gas Giant, 1.5 Jovian masses.

  • Susannoo-no-Mikoto
    Gas Giant, 0.75 Jovian masses.

  • Izanagi
    Ball of ice, 1.5 times Pluto.
    Tidally locked with Izanami and orbiting a common baricenter.
    • Izanami
      Ball if ice.
      2/3 the size of Izanagi.
  • Estuary

  • Yellow main sequence star.
  • Near Amaterasu Omikami, Indra, Poseidon.
  • Allegiance: under investigation
  • Chickadee
    Uninhabitable. Proximity to the sun causes the daylight side to be molten. Tidally locked with Estuary.

  • Kingfisher
    Habitable, but slightly less hospitable than Mallard.

  • Mallard
    Earth-like planet with oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere, plenty of water, nice ecosystem, etc..

  • Blackbird
    Habitable, but hostile environment. Not much water. Lots of desert.

  • Pheasant
    Uninhabitable. Gas Giant.

  • Screech Owl
    Uninhabitable. Gas Giant.

  • Pintail
    Uninhabitable. Ball of ice
  • Poseidon

  • Blue-giant star.
  • Near Estuary, New Sahara (Sector M45-3).
  • Allegiance: under investigation
  • Amphitrite

  • Galatea
    Habitable, but inhospitable.

  • Aphrodite
    like Earth, but twice as large.

  • Nereids
    Gas Giant.

  • Nereus
    Gas Giant.

  • Palaemon
    Gas Giant.

  • Thetis
    Ball of ice

  • Pontus
    Ball of ice

  • Triton
    Ball of ice

  • Tethys
    Ball of ice
  • Teradai

  • Yellow main sequence star.
  • Near Poseidon, Mistel.
  • Allegiance: under investigation


  • 2049.12 late: M15 fleet folds to orbit and battles elements from the 3,568th Renrak Fleet for control of the planet.
  • 2050.01.03: first battle of Teradai IV.
  • 2050.01.10: construction of a military outpost on the surface.
  • 2050.01.11: Zentraadi outpost on surface attacked.
  • 2050.01.12: second battle of Teradai IV.
  • Unspecified: Bolognese Frigate that's attached to M15 Fleet's Three-Star Factory ship is detached by the Iron League and crash lands on the surface.
  • Teradai I
    Small volcano covered hell hole close to sun; like Venus.

  • Teradai II
    Very small, barren planet with no atmosphere; like the Moon.

  • Teradai III
    Same size as Mars, with limited atmosphere; 0.8 gravity.

  • Teradai IV
    Earth sized, with Earth atmosphere and Protoculture ruins.
    • Macross-15 Fleet

  • Teradai V
    Medium-large gas giant
    • Ring of debris.

  • Teradai VI
    Large gas giant.

  • Teradai VII
    small barren ice covered rock, far from the star.

    Created by Jester

  • Indra

  • Yellow main sequence star.
  • Near Estuary, New Sahara (Sector M45-3).
  • Allegiance: under investigation
  • Surya
    Tidally locked with Indra. Uninhabitable. Like Mercury.

  • Rudras
    Habitable, but inhospitable. Venus-sized Mars.

  • Agni
    like Earth.

  • Miltra
    Gas Giant.

  • Varuna
    Gas Giant.

  • Vayu
    Gas Giant.

  • Vishnu
    Ball of ice

  • Usha
    Ball of ice
  • Mistel

  • Star.
  • Near: Teredai and Anna (Sector M45-5)
    under investigation
  • Allegiance: under investigation
    under investigation
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