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Locations: Thirty-Four (Aka: Petite Cola Ad Colony #34)

This colony was formed by colonists who wanted to have more control over their colony. They created the colony within the law, and signed a 50 year contract with Petite Cola for funding. In exchange for the money to start the colony, the colonist agree to broadcast Petite Cola ads to all travellers passing by. This Colony is currently having trouble with Anti-UN raiders. The Colony is petitioning for permission from the UN to increase their self-defence forces.

Culture: under investigation

Education: under investigation

Economy: under investigation

Government: Self-Governing, Unified Government Ambassador

Military: under investigation

Allegiance: Unified Government 15%, Anti-UN 40%, Self/Other 55%

How Perceived Others: under investigation
How Perceived By Others: under investigation


  • yellow-white sun
  • average size
  • Due to the gas clouds in the 2nd orbit, the sun often gets a brownish hue.
    1st orbit
  • Under investigation.
  • Description Pending
    2nd Orbit Dust
    Slight navigation hazard. Description Pending
    Thirty-Four (AKA: Petite Cola Ad Colony #34)
    Colony/Petite Sector Bottling Planet.

  • Atmosphere: under investigation
  • Gravity: under investigation
  • Navigation: buoys, military ships, satellites
  • Orbit: non-eliptical
  • Population: 80,000 (Myclones)
  • Resources: under investigation
  • Size: under investigation
  • Temperature: under investigation
  • Volcanoes: under investigation
  • Water: under investigation

    Natural Satellites
    under investigation

    Corporations Active in the Colony
    • BearWEST Inc.:
      Diamond production company. Actively searching for diamonds on the planet. No information. Primarily located in the outback.
    • Culloc Industries:
      Gundamium mining facilities scattered across the planet. In support of the governments actions.
  • Corporations Active in the Colony Con't
    • Grabber Corp.:
      An uranium mining company. The company is primarily ignored by the colony, and the company ignores the colony. They do, however, make sales of uranium to the colony, and other customers of disreputed reputation.
    • ZEON Corp.:
      Dubious outer rim company involved with drug production on this planet. Government ignores them as they pay lots in taxes.

    Military: Colony
  • x1 Infantry Battalion.
  • x1 Destroid Battalion (50% strength)
  • x1 VF-5000 Group.
  • x1 VF/A-14 Group
  • x1 VF-11 Group.
  • x1 VT-1C Squadron.

  • x18 Galaxy Patrol Ship
  • x18 Cargo Freighters
  • x? Zentraadi Picket Ships

    Military: Unified Forces
  • x1 UNSM Infantry Platoon (Embassy)
  • Cities:

    The bad part of town is North of the Capital Building.
  • Capital City
  • Population: 30,000
  • Location: about the tropic of Cancer. In the center of a 20 km wide, 50 km long valley with low hills. Single river runs through the center.
    • Capital Building
      Center of the Colony Government in a medium sized building in the center of town on the river in the middle of a sprawling park. Looks like there has recently been camping or a circus in the park. Has a heliport with 1 helicopter (does double duty transporting injured to the nearby hospital).
      • Governor: Laco S'pep (m)
    • Unified Government Embassy
      In the center-West of the city.
      • Unified Government Ambassador: Ichigo Sherbet (f)
      • CO of the Marines: Lieutenant A. G. Hammerstein (m)
      • Marine Signaler: Corporal Ellan (f)
      • 1/2 UNSM Infantry Platoon with fleet of jeeps
    • Grabber Corporation Branch office
    • Petite Cola Planetary Distribution Office
    • ZEON Corp. Head Office
      In the bad part of town.
    • Airport
      15 km South of the Capital Building.
      • 1/2 SDF Infantry Company
      • 1 SDF VF-5000 Wing/Group
      • 2 Defender Units
    • SDF Headquarters
      Near the airport.
      • SDF Commander (m) P. B. Nickel
      • 1 Infantry Company
      • 6 Defender Units
    • Spaceport
      30 km to the south of the Capital Building
      • 1/2 SDF Infantry Company
      • 1 Galaxy Patrol Ship (refit)
      • 1 SDF VF-9 Wing/Group
      • 3 Defender Units

    Unified Government Airstrip
    About 80 km West of K'kap, with hangar facilities in the center of a dusty plain. Icky hot during the day, and chilly cold during the night.
    • Unified Forces Air Base
      • XO of the Marines: Sergeant Major Ricks (m)
      • Signaler of the Marines: Corporal Johnson (m)
      • 1/2 UNSM Infantry Platoon with fleet of HUMVEEs
      • 1 VTOL (rotating wing tip mounted engines) Lear-jet
      • 2 medium-sized transport helicopters

  • Site of the main Petite Cola bottling plant on the colony
  • Population: 15,000
  • Location: halfway between the Arctic Circle and the tropic of cancer. North West of K'kap.
    • Petite Cola Company Planetary HQ
      • Petite Cola Bottling CEO: Marionette Créme (f)
    • Petite Cola Bottling Plant #8967
      • Manager: Jim Burns (m)
    • Spaceport
      Customs office, large container area.
      • 1/2 Infantry Company
      • 3 Defender Units
    • Airport
  • Cities Con't:

  • Population: 10,000
  • Location: near K'kap - in the center of the primary agricultural area of the planet.
    • Airstrip with Military Base
      • 1/4 Infantry Company
      • 1/2 VF-5000 Wing/Group
      • 5 Defender Units

    Primary industry is fruit growing.
    Semi-autonomous from the colony government. Is the only settlement on the planet to have directly contacted the Unified Government to say that an expansion to the SDF isn't necessary and has presented a petition to the Unified Government to annex the colony.
  • Population: 1,000
  • Location: about 500 km South of K'kap
    • Airstrip
    • Government Building
      • Mayor: Al Fonz (m)

  • Population: under investigation
  • Location: Near Tropicana
    • Airport

    Site of the HQ for the space route monitoring and coordination of broadcasting of Petite Cola advertisements to passers-by.
  • Population: 5,000
  • Location: Near the arctic circle
    • Airport
      • 2 Defender Units

    Solitary broadcasting facility on the opposite side of the planet, center of government for this side of the planet.
  • Population: 3,000
  • Location: in the tropics
    • Government Building & Broadcasting Facilities
      • 1/2 SDF Infantry Company
      • 3 Defender Units
    • Airport
      5 km to the South-East.
      • 1/2 SDF Infantry Company
      • 1/2 VF-5000 Wing/Group
      • 3 Defender Units

    In the center of the secondary agricultural area of the planet
  • Population: 2,000
  • Location: near Six-Nine
    • CDF Airforce Base Frodo
      Airstrip & Military Base
      • Commander: D.W. Burnsworth (m)
      • 1/4 Infantry Companies
      • 3 Defender Units

    The Grabber Company Town
  • Population: 1,250
  • Location: in the tropics near Six-Nine
    • HQ of Grabber Corp
    • Airstrip
  • Small planet
  • Like Mars
  • Description Pending
    Gas Giant
  • Like Neptune
  • Description Pending
    Gas Giant
  • Like Uranus
  • Description Pending
    Gas Giant
  • Like Saturn
  • Description Pending

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  • under investigation

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