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Locations: Sector 6

Contains a large, somewhat kidney shaped, dense cluster of stars. It has been further subdivided by the Unified Government into 8 smaller subsections. The large dense cluster of stars occupies the first 6 subsections, with the latter two being relatively empty voids.

This sector is mostly a thoroughfare to other sectors in this district of Unified Government space. Sector Six was officially colonized by the Unified Government in 2043, but it has had a local population for a good 8 or more years before official emigration started. The local population quickly established itself as a sovereign group with a significant amount of wealth from mining and agriculture facilities.

The fold-lane passing through Pegas-2 was one of the major supply routes to the Macross 15 Emigration Fleet, and the minor strife with the Unified Government trade inspectors has begun to take on major complications. As of 2050, the whole sector is a Unified Government no-fly-zone. Of its neighbors, Sector 7 is embroiled in heavy military actions by the Marines, due to a large uprising by the local populations. Sector 5 is only sparsely populated, and there are few viable safe Soace Fold routes near to Sector Six.

  • Section A
  • Section B
  • Sections C through E
  • Section F
  • Section G
  • Section H
  • Section A
    The largest, and hosts some 30 brown dwarf and collapsing super stars. There is a black hole believed to be forming (thus the reason for the dense cluster of stars) of unmeasured scale in the center. This section is the closest to Sector 2, and Earth. The navigation hazard presented by the black hole and the dense packing of the stars has prevented a more complete exploration of Sector Six - access usually requires passing through Sector 5 or 7.

    Section B
    Mostly space dust and "proto-stars," which isn't quite dense enough to be considered a true nebula. The section has a few permanent registered populations.

    Sections C through E
    These are rough "slices" of the kidney, and contain approximately 8.5 stars each.

    Section F
    This is the least dense portion of stars in the cluster, and occupies a good third of it. This section is closer to Sector 5, and is on the main trade route from Sectors 3, 4, 5, and part of Sector 2, to the area that the M15 fleet is currently exploring (circa 2050). It has a few permanent registered populations.

    Section F was first colonized in 2043, and has quickly established itself as a sovereign group with a significant amount of wealth from mining and agricultural facilities. The sector's government is dictatorial in nature, though composed of a group of candidates from each of the solar systems in the sector, in addition to the asteroid mining company.

    The sectors location, away from major shipping lanes, has limited its growth to some degree. However, more than the location, is the Unified Government Space Port; through which all trade goods must pass through Unified Government trade inspectors in order to use the established Space Fold routes. This state of trade has bred a fair amount of animosity toward the Unified Government Emigrant Planets in Sector Six space, and tensions have been rising. The acquisition of a large scale warship would allow the Sector Six establishment to pose a major threat, and possibilly even threaten the Unified Government controlled planet of Pegas-2.

    There are no relevant systems or bases within two parsecs of these locations:

    ? ly: The Bell Cluster

    ? ly: Fegal

    ? ly: Finar

    ? ly: Rock 387

    ? ly: Pregas 2

    A binary star system. Primary is a deep red giant.

    ? ly: Outside the Pregas 2 System

  • Unified Space Forces Defence Satellites
    A string of satellites half a parsec wide. Approximately 200 in total, in an X-Y grid.

  • Unified Governmet Space C&SC (aka: SeeSas, Oberth)
    The Unified Government Space Customs And Securty Center is a free floating station about 20,000 km out from the farthest planet in the Pregas 2 system, located in the center of the USF Defence Satellites. The SeeSas, as most people in the sector refer to it as, is known to Unifed Government personnel as Oberth. It is one of the few remaining Oberth Space Destroyers still in existence in the Unified Space Forces.
  • BCTC-TC and FTO
    The BCTC Trade Center and Free Trade Orbital is the Sector Six Passenger Immigration Center, and it pales in comparison to the UG-TC at Pregas 2.
    A mess of craft that have been "fitted" together. Some are simply transports that have been lashed in place, other are liners that have been gutted and rehulled into place. In general, the place is a mess and difficult to navigate for a newcomer. The whole place is centered around what might have been a free trader's heavy transport. The only reason the place can exist as it does is its free floating nature - it once was an orbital station, but long since lost its capabilities to maintain any decent orbit and was pushed out into space to act as the opposing twin of SeeSas (UNG C&SC). The BCTC-TC is heavily policed, and violence is not unknown. Although Unified Government and Unified Forces people are steered clear of the "messier" places, it's pretty obvious this is a run-down station with a run-down population.
    The interior of the center is 100% internal. Some locations near the "edges" have ports to view out of, but the majority look out on exostructure and deck plating. The interior of the center is a real maze of passages and chambers, all most all of them are to trading centers and small outfits, private traders companies, Sector Six internal trading, as well as a few Unified Goverment trading outfits.
    None of the hulls have pressure docks, and all movement to and from the ships are made by small shuttle craft, of which there is a plethora of private captains. The captains of these craft refer to themselves as Stewards, and most are known to the locals as "FatStews"; though the origins of this name is obscure.

    ? ly: Dorta

    A relatively small, moderately cool, red star.

  • Alpha
    The most populous of the "Sector Six" conglomeration of free colonies. Also the most friendly to the Unified Government and home of the largest (orbital) trade center in the subsector. Public drinking & drug usage is prohibited. Has a resource trade deficit.
  • Beta
    A very wide asteroid belt, with asteroids up to 500 m in radius.

  • Gamma
    A rock with no atmosphere, but a small quantity of water. It sports some small mining operations.

  • Delta

    ? ly: Whade

    Section G
    Basically an empty void that's notorious for barely visible asteroids and comets that seemingly appear out of nowhere. It is usually avoided by all but the foolish and insane.

    Section H
    Has a small cluster of stars in the furthest corner from occupied space. The cluster is rumored to contain a small fleet of rogue Zentraadi from Bodolza's Fleet.

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