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Dengeki Hobby Magazine 2011.02

Dengeki Hobby Magazine 2011.02. Tokyo: Ascii Media Works, Dec. 2010.

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Pg 140

[story translation pending]

By meeting Hakuna, Chelsea Scarlet was forced to maker her debut as a Vanquish racer. The VF-19ACTIVE "Nothung" appears in front of such a girl. Chelsea, who obtained a new pair of wings, entrusted her soul to the cockpit, and threw herself into the "Vanquish Race" airplane riding festival.

Macross The Ride

Episode 2 "UP, UP and Away"

(Editorial) Supervision: Shōji Kawamori
Story: Ukyō Kodachi
Valkyrie Style Arrangement: Hidetaka Tenjin
Valkyrie Paint Arrangement: Muneharu
Character Design: Katsumi Enami
Web Illustration: Otsuka Tomii
Planning: Dengeki Hobby Magazine Editorial Department
Partnership: Big West

Model Production: KuWa (VF-19ACTIVE); Yoshiyuki Somei (VF-19A); TAKUYA (VF-9)
Photography: Intaniya

Pg 141

[story translation pending]

The rest of this novel (written by Ukyou Kodachi) is being serialized on the Dengeki Hobby Website!

Updated on the 25th of each month!! ≫

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Pg 142

Style arrangement: Tenjin Hidetaka
Paint arrangement: Muneharu

VF-19ACTIVE Nothung

Aircraft Explanation

The VF-19ACTIVE is an experimental craft for data collection based on the VF-19EF. It was entrusted to S.M.S. by L.A.I. to carry out test runs. ACTIVE means Advanced Control Technology for Integrated Valkyries; an advanced control technology that's planned to be built-into variable aircraft.

The variable-type winglets that the wingtips are equipped with use the freely transforming OTM materials that the YF-21 was formerly equipped with, and such things as the wing cross-section and wing form change depending on all phases of a dogfight.

However, the technology that controls complex control systems like this, without relying on such things as BDI (a brainwave control system) or implants, is still in the midst of development. The aircraft, with its intuitive interface due to EX-Gear and a high-end management AI, is one that chooses its rider; and the abilities of skilled pilots like Chelsea are imperative.

Even though the experimental implication of this stubborn craft is for the assessment of new technologies, and even though it was put into S.M.S. for the aforementioned reasons, the situations were the VF-19ACTIVE could be assessed were limited. Including the "Nothung" craft that Chelsea Scarlet rode, the number of production VF-19ACTIVE was exceedingly small.

At present, it is conceivable that the VF-19ACTIVE's appearance in the Vanquish Races is a part of the data acquisition for the development of the next generation variable fighter.

Classification: Variable Fighter
Attached to: civilian (S.M.S.)
Design: Shinsei Industry / L.A.I.
Engines: Shinsei / P&W / RR company made FF2550E thermonuclear turbines equipped with thrust reverser and 3D variable nozzles.
Offensive Equipment: none
Defensive Equipment:
A: a set of Energy Conversion Armour SWGA Systems
B: a set of Pinpoint Barrier Systems
C: a set of Active Stealth Systems
D: a set of Chaff, Flare and Smoke Discharger Systems.
• A new arrangement has been applied to the area of the nozzles, in order to achieve high-manoeuvrability.

Character Designer: Enami Katsumi

Chelsea Scarlett She is a pilot of the private special duty military organization S.M.S.'s Apollo Platoon. On top of being a pure-bred Zentrādi, she is the owner of a varied personal history, and is said to have been an idol. She excels at reading her opponents with her strongly sensitive artistic character. Even though she distinguished herself as a capable pilot in air combat, it became impossible for her to fight due to the psychic shock; and she switched to a Valkyrie racing. While Hakuna wielded his uninhibited speech and conduct, she recognized his skills.
Hakuna Aoba A Valkyrie racer who drives an old VF-1 in Macross Frontier's Island 15. Even though there's a rumour that he was originally an elite member of the Unified Forces Special Forces, due to his uninhibited speech and conduct, his origins are mysterious. Its definite that he can magnificently manage the old style VF-1 with his flying skills; and although he is constantly within the range of overall victory in the races, the "uncrowned king"invariably suffers from machine trouble in the finals. In meeting Chelsea, he has shown a desire to win the race this time.

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Pg 143

Valkyrie vs Valkyrie

Island Reno - 2058 AD



2 Fighter Area



4 Flag Area


The Vanquish Races that excite the people in the Galactic Age of Exploration Vanquish Races make use of one Environment Ship in its entirety. Close to 50 years after the end of the First Interstellar War, Variable Fighter Valkyries are of course for military use, but they have also advanced into every field; such as policing, transport, manufacturing and private use. At the present time, Valkyries have attained an existence that participates intimately in life. Because of this, it was only natural that VFs would perform in matches. Of course, the Valkyrie races carried out by intellectual species that are spread out in the galaxy aren't only the Vanquish Races. However, the Vanquish Races don't pick only one place to compete in (air, ground, underwater... and now space!) Furthermore, the popularity of this race is known from the line, "only in Vanquish can you see a Vanquish fight in ringside seats", as one of its charms is in the fighting surrounding the flag in the final stage of the game, with gun pods loaded with shock-bullets and violent hand-to-hand fighting that doesn't have the intention of destroying the opponent. Your wager is your life, and your winnings are fame and glory. It's a festival where the pilots board aircraft, entrusting their souls to a cockpit that's like a coffin... that is definitely Vanquish.

1 Pinpoint Barrier Gate

A Unique Airlock Using a PPB Immediately after the start of the race, Valkyries that have completed the specified course inside the Environment Ship fly out into outer space through a special gate that uses a PPB. This gate disappear from existence only at the moment that such things as Valkyries and humans pass through it, and each Valkyrie is thrown out into outer space as if it were slipping through a wall. This technology is said to have instantly magnified the scale of the Vanquish Races.

2 Fighter Area

The Most Air Race-like Area In outer space, the competitors clear several pylons set up parallel to the outer wall of the Environment Ship. Even though Vanquish is often thought of as a speed competition, the course along the outer wall is extremely tight, and one can see old VFs controlled by veteran pilots cunningly taking the course and holding off newer VFs. In consideration of the Environment Ship, combat is prohibited here, and the area is strictly monitored.


GERWALK-only Technique Area A slalom area located just past a Pinpoint Barrier Gate that the racers pass through a second time. The GERWALK form is required in this area. While some race courses use collapsible poles as turn markers, there are other courses, such as the one in Island Reno, that use the ship's environment itself. Since the altitude is also restricted, irregular manoeuvres using the GERWALK form, such as forceful turns using the arms and sudden braking using the legs, are popular.

4 Flag Area

A Fierce Battle Area With Transformations and Attacks In Vanquish, the winner is determined by the time it takes to reach the flag in this area. However, the number of flags decreases as the tournament progresses, making it like the "musical chairs game". Also, there are several armaments in this area loaded with simulation rounds, which can be used to attack and disable one's opponents in order to win. Whether one captures the flag or defeats their opponent, that is the biggest highlight of the Vanquish Races.

A "Macross" Glossary to Better Enjoy "Macross the Ride"

Military Manufacturers: Shinsei Industry A military manufacturer that rivals General Galaxy in VF development. It was created in 2012 through the merger of the aircraft divisions of Shinnakasu Heavy Industries, Stonewell, and Bellcom, with Shinsei at its core. The company released the VF-11, VF-19, and VF-25 in quick succession—and all were officially adopted by the New Unified Forces. The company is known for its solid designs.

Technology: OTM (Over Technology of Macross) What is known as Over Technology. This technology was obtained by Earthlings through the analysis of the alien spacecraft that fell on South Ataria Island in 1999, and includes such things as thermonuclear reaction engines, space fold systems, gravity control technology, and reaction weapons. After coexistence with the Zentrādi began, OTM has become the general term for super-advanced science and technology, including alien civilizations.

• The SDF-1 Macross, which was built by refurbishing an alien spacecraft, was literally OTM itself.

Other Aircraft that Appear

VF-9 Cutlass General Galaxy's first mass-produced Variable Fighter. The VF-9 is specialized in air combat performance within an atmosphere, and also has excellent cost performance.

Rival Craft - VF-19A Excalibur (Brauhitsch's craft)
Design: Shinsei Industry
Length / Width / Height: 18.47 m, 14.87 m, 3.94 m (fighter form) An air race model by the Shinsei Industry Frontier Fleet branch. There are rumours that it was based on a prototype in the VF-19 update plan, but it is not clear if it was.

Character: Sheryl Nome She is a very popular artist who has been number one on the galactic charts for 17 consecutive weeks. Her beauty and singing voice has earned Sheryl fans all over the galaxy.
• Sheryl is a diva known as the "Galactic Fairy". She is originally from the Galaxy Fleet.

Mechanic: MIM-31 Karyobin A fighter in the Anti Unification Forces that fought against the Unified Forces during the Unification War. It was a rival to the Dragon II, the main fighter in the Unified Forces at the time, and seems to have adopted a considerable amount of the Over Technology that the Anti Unification Forces had obtained.
• An aircraft from before the First Interstellar War. It is armed with a 30 mm machine-gun. The Karyobin was deployed during the Unification War that lasted 7 years from 2001.

Fleet: The Bodoru Main Fleet The 118th Main Fleet in the Zentrādi Forces. It is composed of about 4.8 million ships, and was called the Bodoru Main Fleet after the name of its fleet commander-in-chief, Bodoruzā. Despite fighting the Unified Forces with an overwhelming war-waging capability, the fleet was defeated by the Lynn Minmei Operation.
Bodoruzā He met his end along with his flagship in an attack by the Macross in the First Interstellar War.

Civilization: The Galactic Empire A Protoculture superstate that flourished around 500,000 BCE. It is believed to have had highly-advanced technology and culture.

Space: The Sub-Universe An alternate dimension that was created at the same time as the universe with the Big Bang 200 billion years BCE. It's said that the Protoculture were wiped out in ancient times by psycho-energy entities that emerged from this sub-universe.

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Pg 144

VF-19ACTIVE Nothung

Variable Fighter
Shinsei Industries / LAI Team: Private (S.M.S.)

The Knight of the Swan*
Chelsea Scarlett
Age: 19 Her personal insignia is based on the image of the "Brunhilde", the ancient Norse queen of the Valkyries. "Nothung", the nickname of her aircraft, is derived from the heroic sword beloved by Brunhilde.
* Lohengrin:

Vanquish Race 2058 "Macross the Ride" started in last month's issue. This month, we'll be introducing the VF-19ACTIVE "Nothung", new wings of Chelsea Scarlett, who lost her beloved VF-19EF "Caliburn" (featured in the previous issue). Based on the VF-19, Mr. Hidetaka Tenjin made some bold modifications to it, and then Mr. KuWa—who showed his talent for sculpting in the previous issue—scratch built it. This is an impressive example that we haven't seen before in Valkyrie modelling.

Hasegawa 1/72 scale plastic kit YF-19 conversion
modelled by Kuwa with FRAMEOUT MODELS

3. The shield has is also been made from epoxy putty. In order to match the engine units, it has a simple yet complex surface structure.
1. The open state of the thrust vectoring nozzles is reproduced with with very small hinges. The nozzle scorching is rendered in blue around the edges and red in the recesses.

2. The nozzles are a new style where the toes fold forward so that the entire heel becomes the nozzle. The thruster ring has also been changed and is based on the VF-19EF.

[translation of the model production explanation pending]
VF-19 ACTIVE Nothung
Hasegawa 1/72 scale plastic kit YF-19 conversion
Production and Text: KuWa (Frameout Models)

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Pg 145

Another Evolution in the VF-19 Series, Also Known as the Giant Killer (= Nothung)

4-5. The contrast between the white lines and blue that make up the shape of the "Nothung" holy sword is a pleasant colouring recreated with masking. The twin canards were added using plastic sheeting. The three rings after the canards are made of 1.5 mm eyelet rivets.

6. Like the VF-19 in the previous issue, the VF-19ACTIVE is equipped with EX-Gear (prototype). The pilot and other parts are based on her personal colour red.

7-8. Pylons represented through panelling (carved lines) can be seen under the distinctive delta wings. The dark blue section added to the side of the engine is a protector.

9. The upper part of the engine, which lines up with the shoulder, has been significantly raised to allow for the addition of a sub-thruster. The front intakes were made in the open position.

Colouring Data
Body Blue: Finisher's Gulf Blue
Body White: GX1 Cool White
Body Grey: No.301 Grey FS36081
Wingtip Red: No.158 Italian Red + a little white
Top Coat: Finisher's Super Flat Coat

※we used Mr. Colour from GSI Creos for the colours not specified.

10. The area around the landing gear doors can be replaced to reproduce a parked state. Also note the canards under the cockpit, the closed intakes, and the small additional strakes above and below the intakes.

11-12. The centre of the underside of the fuselage and the knee-pads are also carved out of epoxy putty to resemble the VF-19EF. The 3 metallic-coloured rings are made from 2 mm eyelet rivets. The guide vane* between the engine units—which become the legs—is made from plastic sheeting.

* also: "airflow-straightening wing"

[translation of the model production explanation pending]

Kuwa... This was my second time making a VF-19 series model, and my third time overall, so I thought I knew what I was doing. However, there were many parts that needed to be tweaked, and it was quite a challenge. But that's the reason why I'm so attached to it. I want to see the other forms, such as GERWALK and Battroid, as soon as possible.

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