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Mechanic: M Zentrādi 05A: Noputi Baganisu 5631

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Noputi Baganisu 5631

Illustration by Hidetaka Tenjin

Hull Explanation The Noputi Baganisu 5631 is the flagship of the Buritai Fleet, the 67th Gurimaru-class Branch Fleet, which belongs to the Zentrādi Forces Bodoru Flagship Fleet. This ship—commonly referred to as the "Buritai Ship"—was a battleship that was developed for fleet command. She was designed to endure long-term operations, and possessed excellent durability in which her cruising performance wouldn't be hindered even after sustaining a certain level of attacks. As a result, while many Zentrādi ships are only able to operate for less than 1,000 cycles, this ship has already been in operation for 57,000 cycles since it first began operating.

Main Crew
Buritai Kuridaniku
Exsedor Forumo

Affiliation: Zentrādi Forces
Length: approx. 4,000 m
Weight: 170,000,000 t
Power System: Wōkeri Katafirura Heat Panel System Cluster
Gravity Control System: Wōkeri Katafirura Gravity Control Cluster
Super Dimensional Cruising System: Wōkeri Katafirura Fold System Cluster
Main Jet Propulsion System Thrusters: Wōkeri Katafirura Macro Nozzle Cluster
Vernier Jet Propulsion System Thrusters: Wōkeri Katafirura Vernier Nozzle Cluster
Standard Armaments: many Guided Focusing Beam Guns, many Anti-Ship/Anti-Air Missile Launchers, many Small Shipboard Mobile Weapons

Size Comparison
Noputi Baganisu 5631

• As the battleship under the command of Buritai Kuridaniku, it was operated on the front lines with the Earth Unified Forces.

• The wide-area communication beam being oscillated from the four parts on the bow. Using this system, it is possible to quickly communicate with friendly forces that are far away.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "Using this, it is possible to make a quick communication with..."

The medium-sized warship commanded by Buritai that belonged to the Bodoru Flagship Fleet

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Operational Record As the flagship of the Buritai Fleet, this ship encountered the SDF-1 Macross and Reaction Weapon possessing Earth Unified Forces while pursuing the Inspection Forces. Due to Buritai's decision, the ship relentlessly pursued the Macross and sought information on the Earthlings after that first encounter. During the pursuit, Buritai and Exsedor were influenced by Earth's culture, and made the arbitrary decision to conclude a ceasefire agreement with the Macross. This ship formed an alliance with the Macross, and fought against the main fleet led by Commander Bodoruzā.*

* Translator's note: Originally was: "This ship formed an alliance with the Unified Forces, and ..."

• As the flagship of the Buritai Fleet, this ship commanded a number of warships and was operated on the frontline even in the battle with the Bodoru Fleet that the Buritai Fleet allied with the Macross against.*

• After the end of the battle with the Bodoru Main Fleet, the Noputi Baganisu 5631 was refurbished so that even Earthlings could control it, and the ship took on the role of defending the Earth.

* Translator's note: originally was: "...with the Bodoru Fleet that the Buritai Fleet allied with the Unified Forces against."

Hull Structure
The Noputi Baganisu 5631 is a medium-sized battleship in the Zentrādi Forces that was developed in the initial stage of the war between the Zentrādi Forces and the Inspection Forces, which has lasted 500,000 cycles. It features a long and narrow cylindrical hull, and is equipped with a large number of guns on its surface to cope with combat. She has large spaces inside to store small Mobile Weapons, such as the Rigādo.

• The bow was severely damaged by the Macross's Daedalus Attack. However, the ship was able to continue operating without problems in that damaged state.*

* Translator's note: on the front side of the page in the original ed.

The four blisters in the front part of the ship are the oscillators for the wide-area communication beam.

Warships in the Zentrādi Forces have a large number of guns mounted on their exteriors in preparation for fleet battles.* The Noputi Baganisu 5631, which is a command ship, was also equipped with a large number of Guided Focusing Beam Guns capable of emitting high-powered beams and Anti-Ship/Anti-Air Missile Launchers. The ship had excellent combat capabilities that could be used on the front lines of a battlefield.

* Translator's note: originally was "Ships in the Zentrādi Forces ..."

• The Noputi Baganisu 5631 counter-attacks the battleships and Variable Fighters of the Earth Unified Forces by making full use of the large quantity of Guided Focusing Beam Guns it is furnished with.

Anti-Ship/Anti-Air Missile Launcher

▼ The missile launched from the missile launcher. It is furnished with attitude control verniers.

▲ The launcher shaft rotation mechanism on the missile launcher—which has been installed on the Noputi Baganisu for anti-ship combat—is the same as the one in the beam cannon.

◀ The launcher when a missile is fired. Missiles can be launched in rapid succession, not only defending against approaching enemy ships, but also intercepting enemy missiles.

Guided Focusing Beam Gun

▼ The circular part peeking out from the center of the gun shaft is the beam generator. The beam generated from this part is fired from the guidance arrays that extend from both sides of the beam generator.

◀ The gun shaft has a mechanism for rotating, and the angle of the muzzle can be changed to respond to the movements of the enemy craft.

▲ The beam guns are installed in various places on the ship. They all have the same structure.

◀ The beam gun is a system where a single beam is fired at high-speed via two guidance arrays.

Muzzle Uncovering Process (Guided Focusing Beam Gun)
The Guided Focusing Beam Gun muzzle uncovering sequence. They use a system where during normal ship operations, the guns are stowed inside the ship's armour. However, during use, the entire gun pops out from the inside of the ship as shown in the diagram.

Muzzle Uncovering Process (Anti-Ship/Anti-Air Missile Launcher)
The Anti-Ship/Anti-Air Missile Launchers have a system similar to that of the Beam Guns, with the entire launcher popping out from the surface of the ship when used.

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Hull Structure (con't)
Noputi Baganisu 5631 seen from the front. The diagram on the right shows the exterior of the ship after being damaged by the Daedalus Attack.
The side of the ship. The Noputi Baganisu also has the ability to make a Space Fold. The elongated bow is a storage space for small Mobile Weapons.

The thrusters that give the ship its propulsive power are concentrated in the rear.

Ship Facilities1

The Noputi Baganisu 5631 is classified as a medium-sized ship in the Zentrādi war fleet. However, it has total length of 4 km, and a wide range of equipment and facilities are installed in the vast spaces inside the ship. Among other things, it has a very substantial amount of ship-borne craft related equipment and logistics systems that support the operation of a huge number of troops. Hangars and storehouses of various sizes were set up in various places all over the ship.

• In the Enemy Miclone Capture Operation, a battle was fought on the ship, and it allowed Vermilion Flight to penetrate inside to attempt to rescue Misa Hayase, who had been taken prisoner.*

* Translator's note: originally was: "... to rescue Misa Hayase, who had been captured."

Medium-sized Hangar Layout (Overhead View)

• Hangar Rack

• Catwalk

• The hangar faces the outer wall of the ship and has a large airlock (the part) in the center of the outer wall, with a small airlock installed to the right of that.

The Hangar Rack in the Medium-sized Hangar

• Automatic supply hangars for the Rigādo are located to the left of the large airlock. Hikaru Ichijō's VF-1J, which had been thrown by Buritai, was pierced by and got stuck on the hangar rack.
Medium-sized Hangar

• Large Airlock

• Even though it is a medium-sized facility among the ship's hangars, it is actually large enough that a VF in GERWALK mode can fly in it.

◀ A hangar that houses Fighter Pods, Rigādo, and Large Descent Pods. It is also known as a decent squad hangar. Such vehicles as the Kerukaria are also housed in the hangar.

Medium-sized Hangar Ceiling and Wall Structural Illustration

• A catwalk is laid out in the upper space of the hangar. There is a door for Zentrādi in the center of the inboard side of the hangar.

The Vicinity of the Medium-sized Hangar Hatch

• There is a hatch (the part) in the ceiling, which was used when Buritai—who had been thrown into space—returned to the ship.

1 Translator's note: this entire section was on the 05C sheet in the original ed.

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