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Mechanic: M Zentrādi 05C: Noputi Baganisu 5631

• "Mechanic: M Zentrādi 05C: Noputi Baganisu 5631." Macross Chronicle. 18 Mar. 2010: 09-10. sections from "Mechanic: M Zentrādi 05B: Noputi Baganisu 5631." Macross Chronicle. 06 Aug. 2009: 05-06. • "Mechanic: M Zentrādi 05C: Noputi Baganisu 5631." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 24 Sept. 2013: 05-06.

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Facilities Within The Ship
Small Arms Magazine
• A small armoury where infantry firearms and spare ammunition are stored. A microphone and communication device was installed in a corner of the room.*

• Hikaru Ichijō and Misa Hayase—having escaped their captors—briefly hid in the room in order to rest. Judging from the size of the ship, these armouries seem to be scattered in key points throughout the ship.*

* Translator's note: originally were combined in: "A microphone and communication device was installed in the corner of the room in the small armoury for storing infantry firearms and spare ammunition. Hikaru Ichijō and Misa Hayase—having escaped their captors—took refuge in the room."

Beam Rifle

▲ The rifle is standard equipment for the Zentrādi soldiers. The upper grip doubles as the weapon's sights.

▶ An energy cartridge is installed in the top part of the gun's stock. The belt is removable.

▶ An arms rack for storing the beam rifles in the armoury. The rack is used put up against a wall.
Large Missile

▲ The large missile launched from the missile launchers in the Zentrādi warships. It is 20 m long.

Bow Storehouse
• A large storehouse in the bow. The Daedalus smashed into it in the Daedalus Attack during the Zentrādi operation to send Battle Pods into the interior of the Macross.
Large Passageway

Communication speakers are installed in the passageways, hangars and so on inside the ship.

• A large Zentrādi-sized passageway looking out on the outer wall of the ship. A panoramic view of the outside of the ship is provided on the outer-wall side of the passage.

Submerged Section1
1 A section below the engine room. The ship uses coolant to cool the heat generated during the operation of the engines. However, that coolant has accumulated in this section. It's about 30 cm deep from the floor to the liquid's surface.
1 A view looking up at the engine room from the submerged section. Each part of the engine's components was exposed. When Hikaru Ichijō and Hayase Misa were detained in this ship, they got lost in this section.

2 Hikaru and Misa remained in this unvisited section for a while and exchanged their views on Zentrādi society—what they had inferred from their experiences of it.

Translator's notes: 1 section originally on the 05B sheet. 2 Section added in the revised edition.

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Miclone Capsule Launcher
▲ The ejection system for the capsule that houses the micronized soldiers uses a catapult launcher.

◀ The hatch on the capsule. The part that opens and closes is miclone-sized.

▶ The capsule has four rocket nozzles in the rear and can propel itself.

• The catapult wasn't actually used, and Miria Farīna's Quadoran Rō carried the capsule into the Macross.
Structural Materials
• All sorts of pipes and structural materials are stretched out in the upper spaces of the ship.

Rigādo Pedestal

◀▼ A fixed pedestal used when storing the Rigādo inside the ship. The pedestals aren't limited to the Noputi Baganisu, and each military vessel in the Zentrādi fleet is furnished with them.

1 When Hayase Misa and the others escaped from the Noputi Baganisu, they were able to use a pedestal to break into the cockpit of a Rigādo.

Translator's note: 1 not on the original sheet.
Airtight Shutter
• Emergency shutters that are built into the outer walls of the ship automatically close when the outer wall is damaged.

Floating Disc
◀▼ A floating disc that is used in combination with the Liaison Boat. It can carry 2–3 Zentrādi and fly at low speed.

Additional Facilities After The Improvements
After the end of the First Interstellar War, the ship was refurbished when it was incorporated into the Unified Forces—to enable joint operation with Earth's humankind. Systems for operating such things as the Variable Fighters were added, and Miclone-sized control facilities, residential areas and so on were also set up in the ship.

Valkyrie Elevator

◀▲ An elevator for VFs that leads from the upper deck of the ship to the hangar. The Valkyries are controlled with artificial gravity on the ship's deck.

Elevator Controller
A Zentrādi-sized controller for raising and lowering the elevator.

• Earthling soldiers boarded the ship in the Factory Satellite Capture Operation and undertook the joint operation with Buritai.

Miclone Bridge
The bridge for Miclones. Two control seats are installed at the apex of the automated track in the railing around the bridge.

Bridge Contrast
A comparison diagram of the Zentrādi-Miclone bridge. The number of Zentrādi-sized microphones has been reduced to two.

A catwalk-shaped automated track for Miclones was added to the passageways inside the ship.

Related Matter: The Crashed Large Command Battleship Several Noputi Baganisu were deployed in the First Interstellar War. Some of the ships among them crashed on the Earth. Although they were left as-is in the midst of the reconstruction, they also became the breeding grounds of the dissidents.

▶ Even though the abandoned interior had fallen into ruin, the automated attack system was in an operational state.

◀ The bow of the crashed ship sticks into the ground's surface. The stern remains in its original form, illustrating the durability of the ship.

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