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Mechanic: M Zentrādi 06A: Furubusu Barensu class

• "M Zentrādi 06A: Furubusu Barensu class." Macross Chronicle. 08 Jan. 2009: 05-06.
• "M Zentrādi 06A: Furubusu Barensu class." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 09 Jul. 2013: 05-06.

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Furubusu Barensu class

The super-gigantic Mobile Fortress at the core of a Zentrādi Main Fleet

Hull Explanation The Zentrādi Forces are several thousand Main Fleets spread out in the galaxy. Each fleet is composed of several hundred thousand to several million ships. The command ship that controls each of these fleets is the Furubusu Barensu class Mobile Fortress. This class has to function as a large-scale fleet's command and administration, and to maintain the attached warships. The role that this ship class takes on is the core of a main fleet. In the First Interstellar War, the Furubusu Barensu class IV II X I—which controlled the 118th Main Fleet—battled Earth's mankind.

Main Crew:

Affiliation: Zentrādi Forces
Height: approx. 890 km
Length: approx. 510 km
Operational Weight: approx. 1.2x1018 t (1.2 quintillion t)
Crew Number: approx. 200,000 to 1,000,000 persons
Main Power System: Wōkeri Katafirura Heat Pile Mega-Cluster System
Propulsion System: Wōkeri Katafirura Nozzle Mega-Cluster System
Fold System: Wōkeri Katafirura Fold System Mega-Cluster System
Armaments: many Large-Output Guided Focusing Beam Guns, many Anti-Planet/Anti-Mobile-Fortress Large Reaction-Weapon Missile Launchers, many Close-Range Anti-Ship Missile Launchers, many Anti-Small Mobile-Weapon Close-Range Micro-Missile Phalanxes

Development Genealogy Chart:
unknown > Furubusu Barensu class

Size Comparison
Furubusu Barensu class

Furubusu Barensu class IV II X I

• Being a Mobile Fortress on a scale that rivals that of a minor planet, a Furubusu Barensu class is so huge that even a large warship in the Zentrādi Forces seems to be a grain of rice next to it. Its size overwhelmed the Macross crew who had been taken prisoner.

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Operational Record About 5,000 Furubusu Barensu class Mobile Fortresses were mass produced. Even now there is thought to be about 2,000 to 3,000 still being operated within the galaxy. To say nothing of the main fleet's powerful fighting capabilities that the Furubusu Barensu controls, the vessel itself also functions as a strengthened fortress that's armed with vast armaments. However, it's said that they currently use normal warheads as either the majority of the Reaction Weapons that existed when they were first commissioned have been used up, or it's impossible to use those weapons as the reaction materials have passed their half lives. The Furubusu Barensu began being operated from the golden age of the Galactic Empire's Schism War. The fortresses' ages exceed 100,000 cycles on average, and fortresses that have reached 300,000 cycles also exist. Furubusu Barensu IV II X I—the flagship of the approximately 4.8 million warship strong 118th Main Fleet—was driven to destruction in the all-out attack on the Earth. The fortress was destroyed in an attack where the SDF-1 Macross stormed inside of it (the Macross Attack).

• Furubusu Barensu class IV II X I, which Bodoruzā served on, was destroyed by the SDF-1's Macross Attack, which thrust into the gap made by the disorder in the Zentrādi fleet caused by the Grand Cannon and Lynn Minmei's singing.
Exterior/Periphery Of The Airlock
The surface of the fortress is a composite layered armour that has a self-growth function for long-term operation. The armour can even withstand a direct hit from a megaton-class reaction weapon. Within it, several automated factory systems are built into the mobile fortress. They are responsible for such things as the self-growth of the hull, and the production of repair materials for the vessels affiliated with the fortress. In addition, the mineral resources that are necessary for those systems is procured from planets in the vicinity and are carried into the Furubusu Barensu by transport ships.

• Even though propulsion devices with great thrust are distributed throughout the warship's shell, the Furubusu Barensu class's manoeuvrability is extremely low because of the great mass of the fortress.



• The fortress's scale rivals that of a minor planet. There's a very large space inside where a large number of the kilometre-long ships in the Zentrādi Forces can moor.

the airlock's huge passage


Command Centre
Installed within the Furubusu Barensu—which was designed as a main fleet's command ship—are command devices that are also on a scale larger than that of the other Zentrādi vessels. Furthermore, in addition to rest facilities for the soldiers that are attached to the fleet, it is said that a 250 km2 natural park that reproduces the Protoculture's mother world exists within this class of ship. The Furubusu Barensu seems to have had a unique existence in the Zentrādi Forces, who had lost culture.

command centre

the commander-in-chief's private room
the commander-in-chief's seat

the commander-in-chief's console

conference table

conference table seat

Small Liaison Craft
Small Liaison Craft are used to move within the warships, which are still vast compared to the size of the Zentrādi people. However, as the people who can come and go freely in the Furubusu Barensu Mobile Fortresses are restricted, the Liaison Craft was mainly used by senior officers.
Escort Fleet
Escort vessels were dispatched from the main fleet under the control of Furubusu Barensu as defensive assets. In some cases, these vessels took different actions under the special order of the commander-in-chief, such as the direct defence fleet under Rapu Ramizu in the 118th Main Fleet.

Standard Battleship The main ships in the escort fleet were the Suvāru Saran class.

Direct Defence Picket Ship A scout ship that is the smallest classification of ship among the vessels in the Zentrādi Forces.

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