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Mechanic: M Zentrādi 07A: Keadōru Magudomira 10107

• "M Zentrādi 07A: Keadōru Magudomira 10107." Macross Chronicle. 27 Nov. 2008: 05-06.
• "M Zentrādi 07A: Keadōru Magudomira 10107." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 01 Oct. 2013: 05-06.

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Keadōru Magudomira 10107

The Zentrādi Forces medium-sized battleship that combines the functions of a fleet flagship with an assault ship.

Affiliation: Zentrādi Forces
Length: approx. 3,000 m
Operational Inertial Mass: 103 million t
Power System: Main Part: Verukeru Kettereru Heat Pile System cluster,
Planetary Assault Ship: Kerushe Vuzāru Heat Pile System cluster
Power Control System: Main Part: Verukeru Kettereru Gravity Control cluster,
Planetary Assault Ship: Kerushe Vuzāru Gravity Control cluster
Super Dimensional Navigation System: Main Part: Veruroa Guza Fold System cluster,
Planetary Assault Ship: Veruroa Guza Fold System cluster
Jet Propulsion System: Main Part Thrusters: Verukeru Kettereru Macro-nozzle cluster
Main Part Vernier Thrusters: Verukeru Kettereru Vernier Nozzle cluster
Planetary Assault Ship Main Thrusters: Kerushe Vuzāru Macro-nozzle Cluster
Planetary Assault Ship Vernier Thrusters: Kerushe Vuzāru Vernier Nozzle cluster
Armaments: many Guided Focusing Beam Gun Systems, many Anti-ship/Anti-air Missile Launcher, many small Ship-borne Mobile Weapons

Size Comparison
Keadōru Magudomira 10107

Development Genealogy Chart:
unknown > Keadōru Magudomira 10107

Principal Crew:
Kamujin Kuravushera
Rapu Ramizu

• Even though its special structure attracts attention, the Keadōru Magudomira is also excellent as a battleship as it has abundant armaments such as beam cannons and missiles. The ship had sufficient performance to take on a central role in a fleet.

• In addition to the flagship of the 7th Space Armoured Division, Rapu Ramizu—commander of the Bodoruzā Direct Defence Fleet—also operated this type of ship. Incidentally, her ship was coloured purple.

Hull Explanation The Keadōru Magudomira1 that were operated by the Zentrādi Forces have two special characteristics: they are a medium-sized battleship that commands a fleet, and an Assault Ship that can plunge into a planet's atmosphere. Those characteristics are actualized with a separation mechanism that's unique to this ship, where the nose part—which detaches from the main part—can be operated separately as an atmospheric assault ship. The Keadōru Magudomira is conspicuous as its complicated structure is a vulnerability compared to the other Zentrādi warships. However, its ability to carry out operations all on its own is extremely high, and it was active as the flagship of small fleets that were mainly involved with raids and special forces missions. Among those ships, the vigorous efforts of the Keadōru Magudomira 10107, commonly known as "Kamujin's ship"2, which served as the flagship of the 7th Space Armoured Division in the 109th Branch Fleet of the 118th Bodoru Main Fleet, is widely known.

* Translator's notes:
1 was "Keadōru Magudomira 10107" in the original ed.
2 was "the vigorous efforts of the so-called "Kamujin ship" in the original ed.

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Operational Record The Keadōru Magudomira is said to have appeared in the middle of the Galactic Empire Fragmentation War that was due to the ancient Protoculture, and has been built on the Verukeru Kettereru #49377325 Zentrādi Fully Automated Arsenal Planet. However, because of its role as a fleet flagship, the Keadōru Magudomira is rare among the Zentrādi warships, and can only be seen in a small number of fleets. The representative operational examples in the First Interstellar War include the flagship of the 7th Space Armoured Division—notorious as the "Kamujin Gang"—and the flagship of the 118th Main Fleet's (Bodoruzā's Fleet) Direct Defence Fleet, led by Rapu Ramizu. In particular, the former ship frequently engaged in battle with the SDF-1 Macross, and exhibited such brute-force tactics as using the Assault Ship in a suicide attack on the SDF-1 immediately after it had returned to the Earth. Incidentally, that Assault Ship was destroyed in a Daedalus Attack by the SDF-1, and Kamujin's Keadōru Magudomira was operated only as the separated Orbiter thereafter. Also, in the decisive battle between the SDF-1 and the Flagship Fleet, both the 7th Space Armoured Division and the Direct Defence Fleet sided with the SDF-1, and both ships also participated in the battle. Incidentally, their postwar disposition is unknown.

• Kamujin flew down to the Earth with the Assault Ship and launched a violent attack on the SDF-1, which had splashed down in the Pacific Ocean. When he withdrew, Kamujin had the unmanned Assault Ship make a kamikaze attack on the SDF-1.

• As Rapu Ramizu—who took over the role of monitoring the SDF-1 on behalf of Buritai—refrained from aggressive combat actions, there were few opportunities for the ship she boarded to engage in battle.

Outward Appearance / Interior
▼▶ The bow, which becomes the Assault Ship, has an extremely pointed shape, and the Keadōru Magudomira has a characteristic form that is not shared with any of the other Zentrādi warships. In addition, the ship is one size larger than that of the Suvāru Saran class Standard Battleship, and it also has excellent carrier-based Mobile Weapon capabilities.

◀ The hull shape, in which both sides of the ventral surface open in an upside-down "v" shape, is a structure that can only be seen on this ship. Sandwiched between the main thrusters in the stern are three Large Decent Capsule* ports.

* Translator's note: as per the source material. Could be referring to the "Large Decent Pods" mentioned on other sheets.

Kamujin's Ship's Bridge
▶ The layout of the bridge—with many screens arranged around a giant floor space—is shared with the other Zentrādi warships. The entire bridge can be looked down onto from the captain's room, which is located one level above the inner floor.

Bridge Tactical Table

Kamujin's Seat

The Separated Assault Ship
▼▶ The separated Assault Ship (also referred to as the Planetary Assault Ship) has a total length of 1,577 m, and even that alone is a size that exceeds that of the SDF-1 Macross. Not only does it have the ability to plunge into an atmosphere, the Assault Ship also has powerful armaments and carrier-based mecha operational capabilities. It was used as a mothership when deploying forces on a planet.

• Battle Pod Launch Port

Battle Pod Launch Port

The Separated Orbiter
▼ The separated Orbiter (total length 1,864 m), which is the main part of the Keadōru Magudomira, stays in orbit after the Assault Ship has descended to a planet, and recovers the forces as needed. In addition, this module also has plenty of armaments and housing capabilities for carrier-based Mobile Weapons. However, the nose mating components after separation have inferior shielding because the internal mechanisms are exposed, which is the weak point of the ship.

The bow after separation

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