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Mechanic: M Zentrādi 10A: Factory Satellite

• "M Zentrādi 10A: Factory Satellite." Macross Chronicle. 16 Oct. 2008: 07-08.
• "M Zentrādi 10A: Factory Satellite." Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. 08 Apr. 2014: 05-06.

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Factory Satellite

Ultra-Gigantic Factory-Plants that Produce an Inexhaustible Supply of Military Power.

Affiliation: Zentrādi Forces ➞ Earth Unified Forces
Length: 5 to 500 km or more
Height: under investigation
Width: under investigation
Engine: under investigation
Standard Armament: Micro-Missile Pods, Beam Machine-guns, and so on.

Development Genealogy Chart
unknown -> Factory Satellite

Size Comparison
Factory Satellite

• Groups of Factory Satellites serve as production bases for the Zentrādi. Factory Satellites differ in size according to their use. Satellites for building battleships and the like have total lengths that exceed 500 km.

• The huge military strength of the Zentrādi was supplied by the production capability of the Factory Satellites. The supply of the Rigādo also never ceases, and they are produced in an inexhaustible supply.
Hull Explanation: The military strength of the Zentrādi—who don't have any concept of repairs—was supported by a highly automated armaments production system. That system was the Factory Satellites that were scattered throughout the galaxy, and the resource mining robot ships and storehouse satellites gathered around them that form a single production base. In addition, 20 to 50 Factory Satellites form a single group, supplying each Zentrādi Fleet with its military strength. Such Factory Satellite groups have also been discovered on the path of humankind's emigration outside the solar system, absorbed as the production capabilities of the Emigrant Fleets, and at the same time made the history of the Protoculture known in the present day.

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Operational Record The Zentrādi Factory Satellites have been operating and supplying armaments since the age of the Protoculture. Even though the full picture still hasn't become clear, it seems that it was one on a massive scale, as there are several million Factory Satellites that produce the Rigādo, and there are even tens of thousands of battleship-class Factory Satellites (it's estimated that several hundred thousand battleship-class Factory Satellites were in operation during the heyday). Furthermore, it's said that there are hundreds of Factory Satellites in the galaxy that build the Main Fleet motherships, and on top of that there is a mother plant in the Orion Arm of the galaxy that produces the Factory Satellites themselves. However, just like the Roikonmi Armoury that produced the Gurāji, there are some types of Factory Satellites that have been lost during the long war. After The First Interstellar War, the Unified Forces—aiming at strengthening their military strength—planned to seize Factory Satellites. More than 20 Factory Satellites were placed under Unified Forces jurisdiction in three capture operations that took place within about half a year of the war's end.

• After the end of the First Interstellar War, the Unified Forces planned the Factory Satellites capture operations to strengthen its military strength and defensive capabilities. Troops commanded by Buritai Kuridaniku were sent in, in those operations.
The Exterior of the Factory Satellite
Even though the Factory Satellites vary in shape, the majority have a structure where several large and small production plants are connected to each other. The size varies depending on the armaments that are produced, and the total length of the battleship constructing plants are about 5 km. However, the total length can reach about 500 km when it comes to the plants for the Main Command Ships. One can also get a glimpse of their high productivity from the huge size of the Factory Satellites.

▲ Factory Satellites look like gigantic meteorites. By connecting the large and small plants, it becomes a production base.

The external surface.

Dock Gate / Hangar
The Factory Satellites have dock gates and hangars to house ships, and they were used to carry out the armaments that were produced in the satellite.

dock gate

inside the gate

hangar / arrival and departure port

Production Factory
The production system in the Factory Satellites was designed for the mass production of standardized armaments, with the ability to gradually improve the armaments, limited self-repair capabilities, and so on. As the production systems can be changed, in addition to the VFs and Destroids, the Factory Satellites that were seized by the Unified Forces produce such things as the construction materials used in the reconstruction of the Earth, as well as producing the fittings used in the Super Long-range Emigrant Ships in the battleship production planets.* In addition, it is said that there are also Factory Satellites that produce the clones of the Zentrādi soldiers.

• Some of the Factory Satellites confiscated by the Unified Forces frequently broke down due to the deterioration of their production facilities, and the production lines often stopped. The self-repair abilities in many of the satellites may not have been able to keep up with the break downs.
Rigādo production line
Rigādo during assembly

the manufacturing ring mechanism

the transportation system within the factory

the manufacturing ring mechanism

* Translator's note: "the factory satellites that were seized by" was added in the revised ed.

Space Fold Devices
Some of the Factory Satellites were also equipped with Space Fold devices. The Unified Forces moved the confiscated Factory Satellites to the Lagrange point between the Earth and the Moon by Fold Navigation, and set up a production system. In addition, the Factory Satellites that didn't have a Space Fold Device were anchored in sectors where resources are abundant.
Lower Part Of The Device The Space Fold Devices were controlled in conjunction with equipment that the Unified Forces brought into the Factory Satellites.

activation switch

the main unit of the Space Fold device

Escort Fleet
Even though the Factory Satellites are equipped with defensive armaments, they were only used for such things as the elimination of space debris. Due to that, escort fleets were stationed at some of the Factory Satellites.

Dagao's Ship The flagship of the Dagao Fleet that defended one of the Factory Satellites.*

Standard Battleship The Suvāru Saran class was the main warship in the Dagao Fleet.

* Translator's note: the line drawing in the original (a Kirutora Keruēru) was indicated as a mistake, and should have been a Noputi Baganisu.

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