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Locations: Char / LV-426

LV426-Map (91K) LV-426 is notorious in the Unified Government as a restored Emigrant Planet that saw a miraculous rebirth from a desert world to a water-rich planet, after being controlled by space pirates after being abandoned due to reasons as extreme as being haunted.

Culture: under investigation

Education: under investigation

Economy: under investigation

Government: Unified Government Military Command


Allegiance: under investigation

How Perceived Others: Unified Government 100%.
How Perceived By Others: under investigation


  • Small to medium sized white dwarf star.
  • 23 light-years, +5 light-years from 'Nam.
  • Ripley
    Venus-like planet close to Char. Natural Satellites
  • Newt
    - a small moon tidally locked with Ripley. No atmosphere.
  • LV-426
    A Unified Forces Space Marines and Unifed Forces Intelligence Training, Testing and Research Facility.

    The terrain is a mixture of low and highlands, rugged mountains, and vast expanses of fine silicate sand. Initially a stark, dry desert world, in March, 2050, it became a sub-tropical to temperate well-watered planet, with one-third covered by water, and rapidly becoming a lush, green planet. The UNG has resumed their interest in the planet, and it is now a rapidly growing and expanding emigrant planet. Unified Forces Space Marines and Unified Forces Intelligence bases have been established on the surface, in addition to the construction of a Unified Space Forces orbital station.

    LV426CentralMap (36K) MOD FROM HERE
    The indigenous vegetation, generally found in the canyons, caves and crevices in and around the available water, is limited to hardy cactus type plants, algae and moss. Indigenous wildlife is limited to small lizard type beasties and insects; all of which are located near water, and rarely sited.
    Prior to March, 2050, the the planet was as dry as a bone and has little natural moisture on it. What little moisture there was, was either locked into one of the two polar icecaps, or eminated from springs found only in one small expanse, centered on one steep sided, rocky valley in the highlands near the equator. A mysterious energy field was also detected in the same valley. The energy field stabilized the elements and promoted growth in the area under it's influence. It enabling a farming and mining colony to be established on the planet.
    A terraforming tower was built in the rocky valley with the mysterious energy field. Shortly after its completion, the residents of the colony were all mysteriously killed. Their only remains were a red, bloody goo found in sets of clothes scattered about the colony where the colonists were working in their final hour. The UN Forces' scientists were still uncertain of the cause and scrubbed the site down, removed the equipment that they could, and closed the site down. The UNS didn't visited LV-426 for 10 years after the incident.

  • Atmosphere: under investigation
  • Gravity: under investigation
  • Navigation: buoys, military ships, satellites
  • Orbit: non-eliptical
  • Population: unknown
  • Resources: under investigation
  • Size: under investigation
  • Temperature: under investigation
  • Volcanoes: under investigation
  • Water: under investigation
  • LV426 Station Final (51K) Cities:
    Central Valley (AKA: The Terraforming Tower Valley)
  • Capital City
  • Population: under investigation
  • Terraforming Tower
  • LV-426 Transit Map


    Major Towns
  • under investigation

    Rural Settlements:
  • under investigation

    Military Bases
    Koya Unified Space Marines Base

  • Natural Satellites: under investigation

  • Unified Forces Fleet
    • UNS Columbia Einstein Research Vessel
    • 2x Three-Star Factory Ships w/ attached Guantanamo Space Carriers
    • many Bolognese Stealth Frigates
    • many Stealth Carriers
    • many other Unified Forces ships of various make and model.
  • Space Station
    As of 2050.04, the station is starkly Spartan. It has been rushed through production, and new arrivals can still smell fresh paint. The station is basically a cluster of pods, actually little more then stacks of rooms, bolted to each other on the inside of the outer skin of the station.
    The station isn't even a fifth full, even with the stationís power generator, a medium sized manufacturing center (equipped to convert asteroids from the Nostromo Belt into building supplies), and the extensive number of rooms. The empty sections are being worked on by a number of civilian contractors and military engineering teams.
    The majority of the easily accessible parts of the station are devoted to a processing and holding center for the civilian emigrants and military transferees to LV-426.
    Itíll probably be a year, to a year and a half before the station is completed; which doesn't include the removal of the pods that are currently being used, and replacing them with proper levels and infrastructure.
  • The Nostromo Belt
    A large, mineral rich, difficult to navigate asteroid belt between the orbits of LV-426 and Caesar. Under investigation.
    Gas giant of 3 Jovian masses. Natural Satellites:
  • a few ringlets
  • numerous natural satellites
  • Augustus
    Semi-frozen sea planet approximately 2 Earth masses. Sea is composed of liquid hydrogen with carbon-dioxide iceburgs. Natural Satellites:
  • a few ringlets
  • a few natural satellites

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  • under investigation

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