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Locations: Sector M45 Caesar

New Unified Government Sector Government/Primary Colony
New Unified Space Forces Base

Caesar is one of the more inhabitable planets in the sector. It serves as the Sector Government as it was established by the M15 to be in charge of the others colonies in the sector.

Caesar was the main initial colony that the M15 dumped it's populace on. It is a small world that is quite suitable for colonization. Unfortunately its resources could not sustain the millions of colonists that it was required to support.

Some of the residents grew ever more dissatisfied with the prospects of the colony (both physical and socioeconomic / social-stratification). Shortly after Caesar was established, they left to establish and populate colonies on planets orbiting nearby stars that were attractive in some way - these planets are flawed, but in ways that suit the colony founders.

Culture: under investigation

Education: under investigation

Economy: Caesar is the main trade depot and is the center of commerce and technological development in the sector. Due to its circumstances, the Caesarians tend to exploit the other colonies in the sector. Capitalists in the colony also don't want the sector status quo to change, and are actively suppressing developments that will bring about changes to their lucrative arrangement.

There's a Factory Satellite in orbit. The Factory Satellite is used to provide for Caesars needs, as well as trade goods with the smaller colonies and settlements.

In a way, the Caesarians have become the "new" haves, and tend to speak disparagingly about the other colonies among each other, but are professional businessmen, all smiles and positive talk while ripping the other colonists off.

Government: The colony is democratic to a fault - decisions are slow as politicians are self-serving and corrupt. People are apathetic toward voting due to the corruption and sense of nothing ever getting done.

Caesar is also the headquarters of the sector New Unified Government, and is the seat of the sector forum (like ASEAN, it doesn't have any *real* power, and is mostly a forum to discuss sector-wide problems, trade and making recommendations); both located on the orbiting Factor Satellite Brutus.

Ambassador: - under investigation

The main political leader(s): Prime Minister - under investigation

Military: under investigation

Top military leader: - under investigation

Ship most likely to be deployed in an emergency: under investigation

Allegiance: neutral. Willing to take advantage of anyone just as equally as anyone else.

How Perceived Others: looks down on the other colonies and considers themselves as the best in the sector.
How Perceived By Others: seen as fat, lazy, corrupt and snobbish.


  • A low radiation emitting yellow dwarf.
  • 1.5 solar masses
  • Inner Asteroid Belt
  • Majority of asteroids are in clusters, indicating that a number of planetoids were geologically recently destroyed by tidal forces between the star and the inner planets.
  • Description pending
  • Small rocky planet.
  • Description pending
  • Rocky planet.
  • Description pending
    Small gas giant. Description pending
  • Gas giant
  • Navigation: buoys, military ships, space stations
  • Orbit: non-elliptical.
  • Size: Saturn sized.
  • Natural Satellites:
  • Caesar: major moon (description below)
  • Octavian: major moon: small rocky body.
  • Many minor moons.
  • Caesar
    Moon maintains heat via its host gas giant. Poles are heavily frozen.

    Native flora is proto-form. Very little non-oceanic plant life. Transplanted plants do well, but lack enough sunlight to thrive.

  • Atmosphere: 75% density
  • Gravity: 1.1 g (dense core)
  • Navigation: buoys, military ships, satellites
  • Orbit: non-elliptical
  • Population: 12+ million
  • Resources: limited plate/volcanic activity has made for a slightly mineral poor surface.
  • Size: 30% earth
  • Temperature: Average temperature runs from -85° to 27°.
  • Volcanoes: 1% of surface
  • Water: 30% of surface.

    Image of Nova-Roma by: alanlisleca on 2011-11-07.

    Natural Satellites:
    • Small Rocks
      Several in satellite orbits.
  • Cities:

  • Main City
  • Population: 10 million

  • Second largest City
  • Population: less than 1 million

  • third largest City
  • Population: less than 300,000

    Rural Settlements:
  • Small Cities: approximately 700,000 spread evenly in satellite cities of the main three cities.
  • Towns: approximately 150,000 spread evenly. Towns are mostly located in farming areas serving as centres of commerce, and distribution.
  • Villages: approx. 100,000 residents spread evenly. Villages are the most numerous settlement on Caesar, but their respective populations rarely exceed 150 residents.

    Orbital Settlements:

    Ship Yards
    Small. Capable of making frigates and cruisers, but is mostly used for repair and maintenance of the fleet stationed in the sector.

    A small Factory Satellite, originally used for producing Rigaado Battle Pods. It's currently used for producing consumer goods, VFs and shuttles, but not much more. It provides for Caesar's needs, as well as trade goods with the smaller colonies and settlements.
  • Allegiance: New Unified Government; though strong economic and political ties with Caesar.
  • Military: small detachment of New Unified Forces, mostly used for defending the Factory Satellite and occasionally dispatched to police the sector.
      City 15 Replica
      A replica of the M15 Fleet's City 15, located on Brutus, with a large population living within it, facilitating trade, manufacturing and so on. It serves as the seat of the sector forum. The city is considered to be neutral territory under the jurisdiction of the New Unified Forces.
      • Population: 300,000 - 350,000 microns
  • Cercina Trojans
  • Two clumps of Trojan asteroids in the same orbit as Cercina.
  • Trailing clump has considerably less asteroids.
    Gas giant. Description pending
    Marcossa Trojans
  • Two clumps of Trojan asteroids in the same orbit as Marcossa.
  • Description pending
    Gas giant. Description pending
    Outer Asteroid Belt
  • Numerous clumps of icy bodies. Presumably one or more planetoids that were ripped apart by the tidal forces of the gas giants.
  • Description pending

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