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In the following, entries marked with:
  • (p) are partial translations
  • (nt) have been translated, but not typed up
  • (o) translated by another person
  • (ta) thinking about translating.
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    Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

  • Macross Hobby Handbook 1
  • SDF-1 Macross: A Thorough Analysis [the SDF-1 Papercraft]
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    Macross Plus

  • This is Animation Special Macross Plus: Variable Fighter's Aero Report
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    Macross Digital Mission VF-X

  • Macross Digital Mission VF-X Flight Manual
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    Macross VF-X2

  • Macross VF-X2 Perfect Official Clue File
  • Macross VF-X2 Official Visual Guide
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    Macross Frontier

  • Macross Frontier Archives
  • Macross F Official Fan Book
  • Macross F 2059: Memories
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    Macross Frontier Movies

    The False Princess
  • Perfect Triangle Theatrical Macross F Official Guidebook
  • Theatrical Macross Frontier The False Diva Roman Album
  • Wings of Goodbye
  • Official Complete Book Theatrical Macross F ~Wings of Goodbye~
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