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Macross Chronicle Revised Ed. - History
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  • (o) translated by another person
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    General Index Issue: History Sheets

    Macross Zero

  • (p) 01A: Unified Forces and Anti Unification Alliance
  • (p) 02A: The Struggle for the Bird Man
  • (p) 02B: The Struggle for the Bird Man
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    Super Dimensional Fortress Macross

  • 01A: Fall of the ASS-1
  • 02A: The Unification War
  • (p) 03A: SDF-1 Macross Space Launch Ceremony
  • (p) 04A: The Zentraadi Invasion
  • (p) 04B: The Zentraadi Invasion
  • (p) 05A: The Battle Of Mars Sara Base
  • (p) 06A: Miss Macross Contest
  • (p) 07A: First Contact
  • (p) 07B: First Contact
  • (p) 08A: Lynn Minmei's Debut
  • (p) 09A: The Battle To Return To The Earth
  • (p) 10A: The Omni-Directional Barrier Runaway
  • (p) 11A: Release Of "Little White Dragon"
  • (p) 12A: The My-Clone Capture Operation
  • (p) 13A: Culture's Spread Within Buritai's Ship
  • (p) 14A: Zentraadi Soldiers Defect
  • (p) 15A: The Interstellar Wedding
  • (p) 16A: The Lynn Minmei Operation
  • 17A: Factory Satellite Capture Operation
  • (p) 18A: The Macross City Battle
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    Flashback 2012

  • (p) 01A: Lynn Minmei's Good-bye Concert
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    Macross Plus

  • (p) 01A: Project Super Nova
  • (p) 02A: Sharon Apple Concert Tour (Eden Performance)
  • (p) 03A: Sharon Apple Insident (trans note: I know it's a spelling error. But due to the hosts TOS...)
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    Macross 7

  • (p) 01A: Fire Bomber
  • (p) 02A: Attack of the Varohta Forces
  • (p) 03A: The Drifting City 7
  • (p) 04A: The Protodevilun Attack
  • (p) 05A: Battle 7 First Transformation
  • (p) 06A: Sound Force Formation
  • (p) 07A: Jamming Birds
  • (p) 08A: The Battle Of Planet Rax
  • (p) 08B: The Battle Of Planet Rax
  • (p) 09A: Operation Stargazer
  • (p) 09B: Operation Stargazer
  • (p) 10A: Operation Sound Buster
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    Macross F (Frontier)

  • (p) 01A: Sheryl Nome Concert
  • (p) 02A: The Vajra Raid
  • (p) 03A: Ranka Lee Live
  • (p) 04A: Galaxy Fleet Rescue Operation
  • (p) 05A: Gaul 4 Rebellion Incident
  • (p) 06A: Vajra Fleet Attack
  • (p) 07A: The Vajra Outbreak In The Frontier Fleet Incident
  • (p) 08A: The Battle Of The Vajra Homeworld
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    Do You Remember Love?

  • (p) 01A: The First Interstellar War
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    Theatrical Macross F

  • (p) 01A: The First Vajra Engagement
  • (p) 02A: Mission Code "Galactic Fairy"
  • (p) 03A: The Battle To Capture The Vajra Nest
  • (p) 04A: The Goal Of The Galaxy Fleet
  • (p) 05A: Storming Onto The Vajra's Main World
  • (p) 06A: Decisive Battle At The Vajra Homeworld
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